Startup Money Saving Tips

Startups cost money.

Every day, there’s a new expenditure that wasn’t in the blueprints. From IT communications equipment and software licenses to the type of bulbs lighting your workspace, costs are out to get you. With that in mind, you better be prepared for whatever lies around the next corner. Rest assured, it won’t be a cheap fix.

To help you get started, here are some money-saving tips for startups.

Centralized access to business media files

If your company uses media for your website, blogging, or social media posts (and let’s face it, which company doesn’t need media for all of those things?) you need creative automation – check out ‘What is creative automation?’ to find out more information.

Powerful automation software is the difference between branded images and logos existing as files in one employee’s laptop hard-drive (or even in a single employee’s email inbox, if the tasks to design images and logos were outsourced) and having that media available to edit and share at the click of a mouse. Centralizing your media in this way saves money and time on involving extra personnel to curate your various branded media. You can store it and manage it yourself.

Automation also enables you to personalize and tailor your media for individual channels, meaning you can achieve a smooth look and feel across all of your sharing platforms.

Understand every task (so you know how long they take and how much to spend)

People are unscrupulous. They are bereft of scruples. They couldn’t scruple less if they tried. What does that mean? Simple. People will rip you off if they can, and they will laugh all the way to the bank. You may scoff, but freelancing third-parties will think nothing of overcharging you if they can get away with it.

Your money-saving mission is to understand the tasks involved in keeping your company running smoothly. If there’s regular work to be done using an email outreach system, you better know how that system works and how long tasks take to complete, otherwise, you’re opening yourself up to being overcharged when you seek outside help.

Lastly … the cloud is your friend

Maintaining an outsourced cloud backup of all your business data is generally considered a good idea. Even for startups. Why? Well, there’s a calculation involved…

First, calculate the amount of money you would lose in one hour of downtime. Now you can scale that figure to show how much you would lose in a day, a week, or even a month.

Now consider how long your in-house IT backup systems would take to restore your lost information. What’s that? You don’t have in-house solutions? Exactly. Any fixes you need following a catastrophic IT event will probably mean starting from scratch and paying for outside help. If the costs of signing up to cloud backup services are insignificant in comparison to losing your data and paying for expensive outside help, you might want to consider speaking to a provider about at least a basic support package.