Human Resources: Employment  Letters, Templates, and Forms

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Use this form when employees recommend someone for a position in the company.

Send out this reference request letter to a potential hire's former employers.

Use this generic template to create a job description for a new position.

Use this short, clear example of an employee application to hire workers for your small business.

Use this phone script to call a job applicant's former employer for a reference check.

This agreement form allows your business to make direct payroll deposits into an employee's bank account.

A simple employee performance assessment that evaluates employees in several key areas, including time management and communication.

Use this form to record your employees' contact information in case of emergency.

This form can be used to record accidents or injuries on the job as well as the actions that were taken after the fact.

A simple daily time sheet template to log in worker hours.

Use this sample freelance worker agreement to hire an independent contractor. Make sure to have it checked over by a legal professional to ensure that you are in line with federal and state laws.

Record or post employee hours with this simple table.

A simple letter to job applicants who are not being hired.

An example of a business drug testing policy.

Use this form to reconcile actual cash on hand with the expected cash amount.

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