How to Promote Yourself as a Party Planner

Planning an event is a major endeavour whether it’s a small birthday party or a huge bridal bash.

That is why party planning is such a healthy business.

If you have got the skills and experience for it and are able to motivate your clients or customers to love your service and product, starting your own career as an event or party planner could be your ticket to a lucrative life-long job.

The question that might be popping up in your head now is where to get started.

Don’t worry! Here are some ways you can promote your new party planning business.

Develop Your Brand

Before you can promote your services, you must know what you excel at.

Ideally, you will be creating or filling your own niche based on what you can offer that others cannot.

Always keep this in mind as it can make or break your business.

You should try your best to name your business according to your brand as well.

Search engine marketing and optimization can also help your brand gain traction.

Start A Website

This is the best first step you can take to promote yourself.

Nowadays, starting a website is easy, convenient, and can be free of charge as well.

Having a website will give you a platform to showcase your skills and experience.

It is also a point of contact with potential clients.

Content for your website should, of course, include a portfolio of sorts: the events or parties that you have already planned, the scale, budget and other details.

Be liberal with photos as they are very appealing to potential clients.

You can also keep a blog using your website, which can both highlight your skills and illustrate your compatibility as a planner.

You can also streamline your marketing by developing professional proposal templates for your events, which you can share on your website as well.


This will help you build a strong client base.

When done well, your marketing will be done in part for you by others who are satisfied with your performance.

Word of mouth can be a strong influencer, even in these days of information technology and social media.

That said, you should always maintain good relationships with your clients so that they may bring you more business.

Both online and offline can help in your marketing, so while you should have various social media accounts and pages for your business, you must also advertise off the Internet.

Implementing a referral system can also gain extra business and keep your clients happy, especially if discounts are involved.

Keep Clients Updated

The thing about event planning is that it is not a one-time deal.

Clients who are happy with your work can easily become a repeat customer and recommend your services to their friends.

As such, you should always keep existing clients aware of your availability and goings-on, especially if you have new services to offer.

Nurturing a close relationship with clients can be done in several ways and should be part of your internal business processes. You can keep your clients updated through an email newsletter with various small stories.

Better still, you can personalise the experience by sending them cards or letters on holidays, birthdays or anniversaries.

Volunteer Your Services

Okay, so giving out your service for free should not be something you frequently do.

However, it is a trick that can easily bring in more business.

It only needs to be done once and if you do it right, will keep the clients coming your way.

If you are just starting out in the game, doing the planning for free can give you both the experience and exposure you need for your business.

If you plan a successful party for someone influential, your marketing might as well be done for you.

Influencers are able to help drive traffic and prospects quickly.

If you can’t find some Internet-famous (or famous-famous) person to plan for, friends and family work great too.

Get Involved

Attending trade shows can help you to keep up with current trends and also meet prospective clients.

While you may not need to exhibit at these shows, you still have to put in some effort and do your homework.

Things like flyers and brochures will be necessary, besides name cards and some examples of your work.

To maximise your experience, you may consider sharing the cost for space with another vendor that complements your own work.

Image Pexels License CCO