How To Grow Your Money With The Help Of Fundrise

Making investments in real estate development can be a highly profitable way of expanding your portfolio and making your money grow.

Over the past 30 years, the average performance of real estate, when it comes to investments, has been better than stocks.

Contrariwise, most people believe that they don’t have the disposable income needed for real estate investments.

Yet, putting money with Fundrise offers the “ordinary” individual – “unaccredited investors” – a great way to get going with stakes as low as $500.

On top of that, Fundrise also lets you buy shares in property investment with all of the speed and efficiency you have come to know and love from technology-driven software solutions.

Creating an account and investing with Fundrise typically takes a matter of minutes.

Any investment, however, represents a significant investor preference.

With all of these in mind, the following short reference will help you understand how your money will grow with the help of Fundrise.

What’s Fundrise?

Fundrise is an investment network for real estate transactions.

It’s a modern form of financing by using crowdfunding to raise funds and buy assets and properties.

The investing system is currently available to those 18 years of age or older living in the U.S.

To learn more about the investment network, here’s a recent review of Fundrise.

After all, what could be better than the testimonials of those who had experienced earning from the site?

How Does Fundrise Work?

When investing in Fundrise, the money you spend allows the company to buy, develop, and maintain assets.

These include properties such as apartment buildings, residential establishments, houses, office buildings, industrial assets, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, etc.

Fundrise stands to make returns in several different ways, such as:

  • Purchasing underestimated property, and then redeveloping the property to either raise the rent or the value of that same property.

  • Accumulating rental income on relatively stable property.

  • Carrying mortgage loans and collecting interest.

  • Acquiring property with value-added potential.

How To Grow Your Money With The Help Of Fundrise?

Given those ways on how Fundrise earn returns from investments, investors can grow their money in two ways:

1. Quarterly Dividends

Quarterly dividends are revenues generated by a stable cash flow continually, like residents that pay rent.

Typically, investors receive distributions of dividends every quarter.

Investors can then choose either to withdraw the funds directly into their bank accounts or to keep investing them back automatically into Fundrise.

Also, investors concerned in getting paid with a stream of passive income may take priority in mechanisms, like cash-flow-generating investments, as it’s one and among the most appealing aspects of Fundrise real estate investment.

What Are Dividend Payments On Fundrise?

Fundrise dividend payment returns are the payment of your portion of the income generated by your Fundrise investments from sources such as mortgage interest and rental fees during the prior quarter.

Curious to know what ] this means? Let’s make it simpler: Dividends are typically the allocation of collected investment income.

Real estate can yield profits in two primary ways:  appreciation and income.

Dividend payments will be the dissemination of this profit and may include certain forms, such as a capital return.

How Much Will An Investor Receive?

Investors may gain dividends proportionate to their shareholdings.

The dividends an investor will receive are relative to the investment they possess.

For example, one person holds 100 stocks, and then another party owns 1,000 shareholdings of the same stock.

A higher percentage of the gain is obligated to the entity with 1,000 shareholdings.

What About The Payment Schedule?

Payments of dividend distributions are prorated, starting from the period of owning the stocks.

A shareholder has the right to its portion of any earned income as long as they own shares.

In a hypothetical scenario of an investment in Fundrise, if an investor possesses an investment for the whole quarter, they receive their fraction of any earned income by that financing over the entire quarter.

However, if an investor bought the shares halfway into the length of a quarter, they’re legally bound to a portion of any profit that the investment received only from the stage they acquired their shares.

What Is The Mode Of Payment?

Fundrise is allowing dividend payments in cash to creditors.

Most investors choose to reinvest their distributions directly back through their Fundrise account through their dividend reinvestment scheme.

How To Earn Dividends?

It’s worth noting that your distributions payment is not contingent on the value of the assets in your accounts, where you don’t need to sell away any stock to get dividend payments.

In essence, after purchasing your shares, you shouldn’t be doing anything whatsoever.

When a dividend is released, you can automatically receive it without any additional effort.

That’s what financial folks refer to as the money stream the stakeholders earn as “passive” income.

2. Appreciation Share Value

Appreciation refers to the improvement or increase in the total cost of a property over time.

When it comes to investments, though, appreciation is not really that liquid and is not realized until the estate itself is transferred or sold.

On a brighter side, all Fundrise real estate assets are purchased through its subsequent development to receive returns, even though it ultimately generates dividends concurrently.

Aside from that, through the Long-Term Growth Strategy, investors on Fundrise are heavily investing in utilizing a more extended period to optimize their total returns.