How to Best Practice Hygiene in Your Nail Salon

The coronavirus pandemic has caused an enormous amount of disruption to many industries in 2020, with the beauty industry being one of the hardest hit.

Businesses like nail salons have had an extremely difficult time, however, business can resume in certain areas and it is absolutely vital that hygiene is a priority in order to reduce the risk of transmission and to give peace of mind to both staff and customers.

So, what are the best practices for hygiene in an environment like a nail salon where hands-on contact is unavoidable?

Hand Washing/Sanitising Stations

You need to have stations where staff and customers can easily wash/sanitise their hands as soon as they enter the salon and this is one of the most important steps to take. In addition to setting up the stations, you should also make sure that there is enough sanitiser or soap at all times, so that everyone can wash their hands properly as soon as they enter.

Mask Wearing

Another important step and one which is incredibly important for reducing the likelihood of the virus transmitting is for everyone to wear masks inside your nail salon at all times. It is helpful to have signs outside of the salon to also verbally remind people, as it is easy to forget sometimes.

Cleaning Equipment

Everything that you use with a customer should be cleaned and sanitised after every use. This is, of course, good practice anyway in terms of hygiene but particularly important right now.

Sanitising High Touch Points & Surfaces

You also need to think about the areas of the salon where people will touch and every surface which people will come into contact with. These should either be cleaned and sanitised every hour or after finishing with each customer.

Accreditations for Good Practice

It can be easy to forget what needs to be done and every establishment is likely to have different ways of working, so it is a good idea to have accreditations for good practice in your salon and to display these in highly visible spaces. This will keep everyone informed while also helping customers to feel more confident while in your salon knowing that you are taking their safety seriously.

Dispose of One-Use Items

You also need to dispose of any one-use items immediately and to take the rubbish out on a regular basis. When applying nail tips to customers, for example, you should throw away and packaging and then take the rubbish out each day.

It has been a difficult time for those with nail salons and you will be desperate to bring in business. It is absolutely essential that you do this while making hygiene a priority in order to protect the health of your customers, staff and public health, as well as help your customers to feel safe in your salon.