How The Clickable Link In TikTok Can Boost Your Engagement Rate

The new social media platform may seem like a lip-syncing video app for teens, but it is more than that.

If used right, TikTok can help your business reach out to new audiences. The app has 500 million users across the globe and was the most downloaded software for Apple in 2018.

TikTok is not suitable for every business, and the last thing you want is to join a social media platform and look like you do not know what you are doing. Before signing up, study the platform, and the type of content most people enjoy on the app, to see if your business can fit into the TikTok culture.

Introduction of the Clickable Link

Recently, TikTok released a new feature that allows people to add a custom clickable link to their bio. This feature was rolled out with the recent update 15.0.0. According to an article posted on, you can create a catchy and clickable link that contains all your social media platform links and embedded videos. Add the link to your bio on TikTok. However, not everyone will be able to enjoy this new feature as it is only available to people with more than 1,000 followers.

Despite the 1,000 followers’ restriction, TikTok only allows you to have one external URL. You could be having several URLs you want your followers to know about. This leaves you at a crossroads on which link to include in your bio. You need to be careful about the URL you use.

To utilize the new link feature, people are creating a static website and adding all their links on it, and use the website’s URL on their bio. On TikTok, the link shows up between the follow button and the grid of your videos. The website URL is black, bold, and clickable from TikTok. For most people, adding a website to their TikTok bio has an insignificant impact. However, the new feature is a sign that TikTok is maturing. Website links are a sign of new beginnings for the popular social media platform. Here is how the website links can help you boost your engagement rate.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

With the new feature, publishers can drive traffic to their websites. Previously, the social media platform only allowed external links to YouTube and Instagram. Now that companies have a good reason to invest in the app, more brands will start creating TikToks and publish viral content. A viral TikTok video will attract many views which translates to many people clicking the website link and checking out the publisher’s website.

Some people might think that the penetration of companies will dilute the quality of the videos on the platform. However, this move will improve the quality of content since companies will use professional creators and videographers to create their content.

It’s Easier to Demonstrate Business Value

Without a link to your website, it is hard for content creators to prove that their content is impacting on people’s behavior. In the past, this was an obstacle because it made it difficult to convince brands and celebrities to promote TikTok content. The new URL makes attribution much easier; thus, making the software friendlier to influencers, celebrities, and companies.

Take Viewers to Other Apps

Until TikTok promotes the clips made by the people you follow, there is little impact of having a large follower base on the platform. Content creators do not stay long in the app to put work and grow their fan base. With the clickable links that take people to other sites such as email, Snap, or Venmo, content creators can boost engagement with the followers.


Generally, TikTok is not friendly to professional creators and websites. There is no feature to enable you to add a link to your story. This makes it hard to grow your followers over time. TikTokers must keep pressing to become viral, which does not make sense for most personalities and niche brands.

TikTok has over 500 million users. You can increase the engagement on your website through this application. With the website link feature, TikTok can be used as an affiliate marketing platform where people click through the link and engage with your website. For maximum engagement, create fun content to attract a large following. Remember, you can only get the website link if you have 1,000 plus users. Therefore, continue publishing creative content to maintain your followers.