New Frugal Tools For Writing

dry erase note book

Here are a couple of tools to help with the written word, a seemingly-small detail, but something you don’t want to bog you down. First up Letterform dry erase notebooks are just that, notebooks with 30 pages of dry erase technology, to be used with little dry erase sharpies. Say you need to take notes … Read more

5 Most Innovative Businesswomen of 2014


1. Rana el Kaliouby —Co-founder of Affectiva, Kaliouby’s innovation is facial recognition, a technology that’s been getting some attention and that will be all the rage in upcoming years. Affectiva’s boss product is Affdex Facial Coding, which measures viewers’ emotional responses to brands and marketing. 2. Nina Nashif —She’s the founder—in 2011—of Healthbox, which aims … Read more

2014’s Worst Trends for Entrepreneurs

bad trends, graph chart with decreasing trend

With unemployment rates throughout the country at a constant high, it is quite hard to believe that there is also a rising rate in emerging entrepreneurs occurring instantaneously. The truth of the matter is people are waking up to a new way of thinking. They are realizing that there is more to life than the … Read more