10 Blogging Ideas for the Small Business

Are you staring blankly at the computer screen summoning with every cell in your body for that remarkable-awe-inspiring blog post to appear before your eyes? Are you procrastinating with setting up your business blog because of the ever-elusive thought running through your mind, “What do I write about?” I hear this all of the time … Read more

What to Consider Before Jumping into a Franchise Business

macdonald store yellow light board

Getting started with a franchise business may seem on the surface like an attractive, more secure option for would-be small business owners. But what many newbie franchisees don’t fully realize is that starting a franchise business still involves a considerable investment of time, energy, and money, and there are numerous fly-by-night operations that promise the … Read more

Are Business Cards Still Relevant?

blue business card with the word business on it

In the time-strapped, cashed-strapped reality that many small business owners work in, business cards may not garner that much attention- that is, until an opportunity for networking presents itself. Then that little piece of cardboard suddenly appears on the scene to become a reliable, silent partner in our exchanges and relationship building. But over the … Read more