Canvas Print or Acrylic Print: Which One Should I Pick?

Before anything else, you need to know the difference between the two types of print.

Canvas and Acrylic offer both pros and cons, just like any choice.

Your final choice will depend upon the outcome you want and your budget, as well.

The printing industry in Canada is on the upward swing in recent years.

So far, in 2019, the industry already generated $3 billion in revenue. The industry also employs almost 13,000 people.

Some manufacturers of canvas prints Canada use a specially designed inkjet coating, which adheres to the canvas material like glue.

So canvas print is an art form using digital technology.

Canvas Prints

A canvas print is created using inkjet printers or dye sublimation.

The process is called a giclee.

The main purpose is to convert your traditional digital photograph and recreate it to resemble an oil painting.

Acrylic Prints

Meanwhile, an acrylic print is also called a photo mount.

There are two distinct procedures in acrylic print.

One requires printing your chosen image directly on the acrylic and then sealing it with a back coating.

The other one requires printing the selected image on the paper and then protecting it using acrylic.

Factors to Consider When Making a Choice

Here are some variables you need to factor into your decision.

  1. The image to be printed -- If your photo is more subdued or has that classic characteristic, it will translate well into the canvas. The image will imbue a more artistic feel when framed on the wall. The surface of the canvas prints in Canada offers a softer finish that features a lot of texture. Landscapes, portraits, and wedding pictures make perfect canvas prints. In the same vein, a vibrant photo will shine with acrylic print.
  2. Space where the print will hang -- A photo frame will enhance any décor while also allowing you to own the space--making it feel more of a home than just a shelter. A blank wall with lots of natural light is the perfect place to hang your canvas prints. Also, even if your room offers plenty of subdued lighting, it will only allow your canvas prints to shine.
  3. Budget -- When talking about the budget, there’s no comparison. It’s canvas prints by a landslide. You are talking about a fraction of the cost here, and you already have an artistic piece on your wall. Another thing to remember is that canvas prints don’t need to be framed, so you save a lot in that regard.
  4. Durability -- Acrylic prints are prone to chip on the edges, especially when not handled right during transport. Manufacturers also apply a coat on the canvas prints to protect them from UV rays, moisture, and dust. Canvas is also lighter, so the likelihood of tearing or damaging the face is minimized. That’s not to say that acrylic will tear easily. The bottom line is to avoid dropping your frame and risk damage.

Canvas prints offer a more traditional and classic look, while acrylic prints are probably more suited to modern homes.

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