Business Operations Documents and Templates

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A simple spreadsheet to record items in inventory

Use this inventory count template to record your inventory on hand

Keep track of your equipment on hand with this spreadsheet

Use this check list when considering an equipment lease to pick out any obscurities or predatory elements

Simple travel reimbursement form to track miles traveled

Simple travel expense report template ideal for small and home businesses

Use this packing list template when shipping products to customers

Keep track of auto-related expenses with this auto expense report

A simple bill of sale contract

Track mileage, gas, and tolls with this auto expense form

Employees who earn a commission can use this form to record the transaction

Use this simple customer information template to keep a record of your customers' important information. This document is also called a customer profile sheet

This cost estimate form is for a small painting or repair business. You can customize the items to suit your particular business

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Disclaimer: I’m not a certified legal or financial professional. “Frugality” does not mean you skimp in those areas where a qualified professional, such as an attorney or CPA should be consulted. The small business tips, small business resources, and other information on this site including this collection of free business documents, templates, and forms are for educational purposes; they are meant to get you started in the right direction; but it’s up to you to do the appropriate research.