Blogger Outreach Tools and Best Practices

For any business that has already invested in a blogger outreach campaign, were you able to reach your goals this year?

How confident are you that the same strategy will work in achieving long-term positive results? Since the year is about to end, reviewing your marketing efforts helps identify challenges and areas for improvement. And while an effective campaign does take time and patience, it doesn’t hurt to consider making room for some adjustments that may lead to more favourable outcomes.

Every blogger outreach strategy from agencies such as Ocere involves the same basic steps. For example, you need to set specific goals, take time to research relevant bloggers within your niche, and measure your progress. Nevertheless, even with the most extensive knowledge, things can still go wrong. And while there’s no ironclad way to ensure success, there are tools you can use to increase the odds of succeeding.

A management platform for influencers

This tool is designed to help businesses discover influencers, measure their impact on the business and manage their relationship. Apart from helping you look for a blogger that fits the needs of your business, the tool is a one-stop solution to everything that you need in terms of managing influencer relationships. One example of this tool is Traackr, and a key feature includes a scoring system based on the influencer’s relevance and reach.

A tool designed for content marketers

A tool such as isn’t only used by content marketers. The features are also helpful in making your blogger outreach campaign more efficient. From scheduling customised emails to tracking your progress, the platform provides you with a well-rounded approach to optimising your strategies.
What other best practices should you try to improve blogger outreach?

In addition to using tools and platforms for increased efficiency, there are proven best practices that are essential for blogger outreach. The following are two examples of these practices which you can adapt according to the needs of your business.

  • Attend or host events that will expand brand awareness. Now may not be the time to hold or attend an event, but things may change in the future. Part of a solid blogger outreach campaign involves networking heavily with bloggers and influencers. Face-to-face events are an excellent opportunity to expand awareness about your brand and meet influencers that may be interested in a blogger outreach partnership.
  • Be more creative and experiment with different techniques. Content marketing usually focuses on providing consumers with more information – and blog posts are typically formatted in the same way. Although it’s proven to work effectively in getting backlinks to your website, trying out a more creative approach to content could enhance the results. Experimenting with different techniques is excellent, but make sure that your content still aligns with the influencer’s values and niche.

Blogger outreach has evolved significantly in recent years. Nowadays, you can choose from different tools that make the task and the process simpler. Anyone who is new to blogger outreach should take advantage of these tools and also abide by best practices recommended by industry professionals and businesses alike.