An Analysis of the Top 5 Crypto Exchanges

While there are dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges to trade on, only a few are actually worth your time.

It’s important to consider various things when choosing a crypto exchange. For one, how many assets it lists. Then you have security, fees, and customer support to consider.

In this post, we’re going to analyze the top five crypto exchanges, based on the above criteria and more. Hopefully, you can decide which is best for you after reading.


Everyone who trades crypto has heard of Binance. The platform averages over 4.6 million users a month and supports 322 cryptocurrencies as of this writing. That, and it provides conversions for over 45 types of fiat as well, catering to most countries around the world.

While the user experience may be a little cumbersome due to small text and confusing menus, there’s certainly no shortage of assets to choose from. If you’re new, Binance also features extensive educational documentation on the crypto space via its Academy.

From there, you can move into futures, leveraging tokens, and much more as you become an expert trader.

Crypto Exchange is a safe bet if you want to trade cryptocurrency. As of this writing, the platform supports top assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. While it doesn’t offer tons of assets like Binance, this limited choice prevents new traders from feeling overwhelmed.

Fortunately, you only pay 0.1% on any trades made on Crypto Exchange, and you can buy using debit or credit card for seamless funding. If you run into any issues, there is a 24/7 support team available for assistance.


Founded by the Winklevoss twins (of Facebook fame), Gemini is a US-based crypto platform. This one provides supports for close to thirty cryptocurrencies, making it an ideal trading ground for new and intermediate traders alike. Offerings range from the basic Bitcoin and Ethereum to lesser know, more technical assets like 0x.

The platform’s streamlined user interface on both mobile and web makes it easy to use for anyone involved. That said, the platform isn’t simplified. It’s still chock-full of features from a detailed price history of an asset to automated trading.

Gemini also has a fantastic hot wallet feature for day traders, providing more security for your assets than most exchanges can offer. Even then, the platform stores most user assets in a cold storage system for maximum protection. This exchange is also quite compatible with most payment methods, include debit cards and bank transfers.


Another US-based cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase is a popular beginner exchange for traders brand new to crypto.

This platform is known for being quite careful about which assets its lists, with in-depth vetting processes that take months to finish. New traders will appreciate this, as there’s little to no risk of investing in a scam coin on Coinbase.

However, this accessibility comes at a cost. Coinbase charges much higher trading fees than most platforms. That said, this charge can vary based on your method of payment.

There is a Pro exchange for more experienced traders, offering a variety of extra options to increase your profits. Otherwise, Coinbase features an extensive Learn page for newbies.


OKEx is a Malta-based platform that supports users from all around the world. It offers over 400 trading pairs, has 24/7 customer support, and a fantastic user interface ideal for more experienced traders. It’s an easy to use platform if you’ve been in the space for a while, but it isn’t super friendly for new traders.

In that same vein, there are no fiat deposits for investments. Instead, you must start by sending crypto to the platform and trading from there. Fortunately, there are various ways to withdraw your funds, so it isn’t too limiting a feature.