9 Tips to Increase the Audience of Your Blog!

SEO and social networking best practices to increase your traffic.

Building and developing your blog or website (click here to see how this works for gambling) audience can quickly become a full-time job. Apart from natural SEO, what are the levers to use to attract new visitors? How to ensure that those who visit your site today will come back tomorrow?

Google recognition takes time, we all know that. Yet, with a bit of trickery and a few wise tips, it is possible to speed things up, without necessarily going into Google Ads.

Write Regularly

If you publish regularly, not only do you offer manna to Google, which will judge, at its discretion, the seriousness and interest of your blog, but, most importantly, you make your visitors want to come back regularly.

What is the right rhythm, you may ask? It's the one you can keep! Quite simply. Of course, the fruits will be worth your efforts. If you only publish once a month, chances are you're struggling to develop a regular audience. You'll have peaks of visits when you publish a new article and a flat brain the rest of the time.

Once a week is starting to be an interesting rhythm in terms of spin-offs, but the most important thing is that you choose a rhythm of publication and stick to it.

Make Your Articles Known

Search engines have a rather weak impulse when starting a blog. To initiate visits, you will have to look for your visitors elsewhere. Use your social network accounts, share with your friends and ask them to share in turn. You can also publish in groups (of your topic!) Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, etc. The impact will be even greater.

Be present on the forums. Don't throw out your blog address every three posts, otherwise, you risk alienating moderation and creating a bad image for yourself. Instead, answer the questions and point to your blog when you develop the topic. This is also a good tip for finding topics for articles. Don't hesitate to put your URL in your signature as well. It's pretty cool.

Develop a Presence on Social Networks

Depending on the theme and name of your blog, and your current use of social networks, you can either use your current profiles or create new ones. The latter offers the advantage of not mixing too much, between family publications and your professional audience.

On Facebook, you will be able to create a page in the name of your blog. This page will then need to be promoted on your website, possibly on business cards, and wherever you can.

As far as Twitter is concerned, it is my biggest source of visitors at the moment. I share my articles, sometimes I react to the news, I retweet, I dialogue with my followers and I do part of my monitoring. Find out how to grow your community on Twitter.

Don't neglect Instagram! A video or colorful professional photo, if well made, is worth a thousand words and its viral nature remains an undeniable asset for any young blogger. Certainly, the media lends itself better to certain themes than to others, but no doubt you'll find a concept to illustrate your articles or promote your blog.

Of course, you will think about adding on your blog all the necessary links to the different social networks as well as interaction and sharing buttons.

Interact With Your Community

If you limit yourself to publishing your articles on your Twitter and Facebook accounts, chances are you will tire people out very quickly. Start a dialogue, try to get people to react to your articles, react yourself to the publications of your followers, and so on. In short, be anything but a bot!

Don't Manage a Community but Individuals

In continuation of the previous point, do not limit yourself to mass communication. Is it more effective to start a discussion with a door-to-door voice in a station hall or to talk face-to-face? If you address everyone, you risk addressing no one.

Publish your articles to everyone and then start the dialogue on a case-by-case basis. Be helpful, search Twitter for your keywords to find out what questions, if any, Twitter is asking in your area of expertise, and answer them. You will most certainly gain loyal followers this way.

Say Thank You!

Admittedly, the advice is basic, but you don't think about it all the time. Thank followers for sharing on social networks, for comments on your blog, etc. They promote your blog, yet they don't owe you anything, so say thank you.

Some even thank some of their most active followers with small gifts. Without announcing anything, they send a card, a small advertising item, or a real gift that the person will appreciate even more. This kind of small attention always works and you will certainly get a wonderful thank you tweet.

Give More Than Your Audience Expects From You

Surprise them!

There is nothing worse than weariness. If you rewrite the same article a hundred times, a hundred times on the same theme, even the most faithful will let you down at some point. Approach your articles in a different way, contrary to the general thinking, for example, create new columns, add a fresh touch to the appearance of your site to generate new enthusiasm among your readers.

Promote Those Who Follow You

Often, as content creators, we are there expecting others to follow us and share without concession. Return the favor! You have a lot of interesting people in your communities on social networks, highlight them, promote their website or activities.

Accept the Positive but Also the Negative

We are all naturally inclined to receive positive feedback. Fans encourage us, make us want to continue, but also pay attention to negative comments. It is true that the Internet is full of trolls and other dissatisfied people, but there are also a lot of people who will point out mistakes in an article, spelling mistakes, or perhaps a lack of consistency in your editorial line.

In short, always take a moment to analyze negative comments. They can be common sense, and thank those who send them to you by saying that you take their comments into account. You will then make up for a perhaps average experience.

Of course, don't fall into the trap of wanting to meet all expectations either, you'll quickly exhaust yourself when you get out of your main mission: writing, informing, or winning new leads.