7 Sleep Habits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Setting up a new business can be one of the most stressful things out there, especially if you are doing it yourself or working with a very small team.

A successful entrepreneur is not just someone who is adept at acquiring resources, getting proper financing and hiring labor but also someone who maintains a good sleep quality. The discipline and creativity required in such a line of work requires oneself to be at the top of their physical and mental health.

A restful night’s sleep becomes crucial to manage the risks and competition involved in this career, which if pursued wholeheartedly can prove as one of the best careers where you build something from scratch and watch it grow with satisfaction. We have therefore come up with 7 crucial sleep habits that successful entrepreneurs follow, so read on.

1 Sleep Schedule

Part of being a good entrepreneur is maintaining a strict balance between work and sleep. Entrepreneurs may often find themselves overburdened by work load but it is important that people find time for themselves to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sound sleep. It therefore becomes very important that people go to sleep every day at around the same time. This additionally helps them to wake up every day at the same time in the morning without even the need of an alarm clock.

2 Avoid Stimulants Before Bed

Most entrepreneurs love caffeinated drinks while they are on their workhours to avoid feeling tiredness and daytime drowsiness. However, the same cup of coffee post afternoon can have a drastic impact on the ease of falling asleep due to its stimulating effect. Entrepreneurs should also abstain from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes close to bedtime even if it’s being used to soothe the pressure of work. Alcohol may seem like a sleep aid but in reality, does just the opposite by ruining the later part of the sleep necessary for memory consolidation and learning. This is detrimental to the work efficiency and may even ruin relationship among coworker.

3 Bedtime Ritual

Jumping straight into the bed after a long day of work may seem like the most appropriate thing to do but instead of helping you to sleep better the body might just be too tired to fall asleep. Among the many good sleep habits of successful entrepreneurs is maintaining a bedtime ritual where they allow their mind and body to unwind naturally. Light bedtime yoga and meditation is considered particularly beneficial for improving someone’s sleep quality and getting rid of the stress that has been accumulated due to work pressure. Other such beneficial pre-bedtime activities include taking a warm shower, listening to music and reading a printed book.

4 Regular Exercise

Young entrepreneurs are often encouraged to maintain a follow a work out session diligently to be able to face their many challenges head-on. Regular exercising is key not just for improving one’s cognitive and emotional health but also your sleep health. Exercising even for a span of 30 to 40 minutes in the day can prove highly beneficial for one’s sleep quality and help get rid of stress and anxiety. Entrepreneurs must try and keep their work out session towards the first half of the day where they can also benefit from exposure to natural sunlight which is good for regulating the internal clock of the body. Sessions should however not be kept too close to the bedtime as the added stimulation and body heat can make it harder to doze off in the night.

5 Maintain a Journal

Another good way of winding down after a heavy day’s work is to jot down all the happening of the day in the form of a diary. Not only does this take away the extra stress off your body and mind but also helps you to organize yourself better. It is crucial for entrepreneurs to learn to keep track of all their work, especially when they are handling it all by themselves. Writing a journal is also a good way to relax your mind when you are having trouble falling asleep. Just get up from your bed, take a walk around the house and write down anything that’s going in your mind. Studies in the past have shown how people who maintained a journal had a much easier time falling asleep.

6 Get Rid of the Electronics

We understand that this is a tough sacrifice, but it is one of the many that successful entrepreneurs need to make to consistently maintain a good sleep quality. Electronic devices like laptops and smartphones are crucial for managing day-to-day activities involved in entrepreneurship, especially when working from home, such as arranging meetings, creating slides, making calls, etc. However, when such devices can hinder the secretion of melatonine in the body if used too close to the bedtime

7 Sleep Environment is Key

A good night’s sleep relies heavily on your bedroom environment. Entrepreneurs must take care that they do not end up converting their bedroom as an extension of their work place. All work-related activities should strictly be kept away from the bed so that the mind leans to associate the bed only with the act of sleeping. One should also take care of their senses by making sure that their bedroom is the coolest, darkest and the most silent part of their house. It is important that your bedroom environment and the pillow you sleep on is in no way is interrupting your precious night sleeps. Check out the InsideBedroom’s review of the Purple Pillow which is good for all sleeping positions.

Bottom line:

Being a successful entrepreneur is not an easy task with all the business risks but it doesn’t have to be harder than it already is because of sleepless nights. We hope that the steps mentioned above help you sleep better and also help you keep your sanity intact.