7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Stock Images on Your Blog

With so many brands competing for customer attention, standing out is a must in such fierce competition.

And while marketers think of the most effective digital marketing strategies, content writing is still one of the most persuasive methods. Publishing valuable blogs can let brands connect with their target audiences on a deeper level. If you ensure that you give readers something that helps resolve their pain points, your blog can go viral.

One caveat when publishing blogs, though, is that there are probably thousands of sources online. How do you make readers click on yours instead of your competitors? One foolproof way to make blogs catch your audience’s eye is by integrating custom images.

Although most blog writers and marketers opt for stock images, these images will only make your blogs mundane. Yes, you can say you save on fees since stock images are mostly free. But if your blogs don’t rank and gain traction, then your efforts are futile. If you’re still not convinced, here are seven reasons to should avoid using stock images on your blogs at all times.

1. You lose brand identity

The goal of content writing is to make your audience see you as an authority in your niche. This is why branding consistency is crucial when publishing blogs regularly. Aside from maintaining the same writing tone, including custom images following your brand style guide is vital.

Stock images don’t have that distinctive element that amplifies your brand in any way. They are typical and cliche. Plus, these images don’t represent your brand identity to your readers well. When you repeatedly put stock images on blogs, you lose your personality as a brand.

2. Doesn’t make you credible

When you want to start blogging for money, you should also consider investing in custom images rather than stock ones. Some startups and small businesses might resort to stock imagery, especially when working with a shoestring budget. But this is one of the biggest mistakes when writing and publishing blogs.

Any marketer and entrepreneur know that gaining credibility in your niche is challenging. When you build credibility, it takes a lot of effort to foster customer relationships. And you don’t want to throw your efforts down the drain by using stock images.

Blogs that use stock images appear spammy. For one, other brands also use the same images. And secondly, these images don’t put your brand in the best light. If you want to gain credibility and make customers trust you, elevate your blog images.

3. Doesn’t capture attention in Google Images

SEO works hand in hand with blog writing. Optimized blog images will have the possibility to rank on Google, provided that the blog is also of high-quality. For instance, if your blog doesn’t rank on Google’s first pages, it can appear in the Images category.

Users who click and browse through the Images section will see the URL, blog title, and featured image. Using stock images as your featured image doesn’t grab attention. However, if you use custom illustrations, it can captivate users to click.

4. Low chance of going viral

Although custom images don’t ensure that your blog will go viral, the imagery is undeniably better than when using stock images. So, say, for example, your blog goes viral due to quality content, people who share the blog will notice the custom featured image.

When readers share this blog on their social media feed, other users will see the featured image first when browsing. This can potentially make them stop and click on it out of curiosity. On the other hand, stock images don’t have the same impact as customized ones.

5. Doesn’t convey your message

Storytelling is an essential ingredient when writing and publishing blogs. That’s why content writers need all the creative juices when working on a content marketing strategy. Also, your blog won’t be the first online. There are hundreds of blogs that cover the same topics.

However, one way content writers can make their blogs rank is to angle their blogs differently. They can also add more valuable information that readers won’t find in other blogs. All these techniques would need storytelling to get the message across in an entertaining way. Unfortunately, stock images don’t add up the excitement in storytelling.

These images don’t have the appeal that can elevate your blogs. On the flip side, using custom images can up your chances of getting viral through better visual communication.

6. You won’t succeed in brand building

Content writing is undeniably one of the most effective online advertising methods. Blogs have the power to explain complex ideas and communicate with the target market better. When you regularly publish blogs, you’re putting your brand out there. And with custom images, you’re not only creating better structure, but you’re also beautifying your content.

Additionally, when your audience enjoys reading your blog, you become their go-to source for similar topics. Over time, this will build your brand and instill top-of-mind awareness.

7. Low conversions

Graphic design doesn’t mean putting together elements for visual purposes only. The reason why graphic design is used in marketing is due to subconscious persuasion. There is a psychology behind marketing graphics that impact customers’ decision-making process.

For instance, using the right colors can elicit particular feelings from your target audience. Integrating graphic design trends and principles will also ensure that your images are there to convert. Stock images don’t consist of these graphic design elements.


Without a doubt, using stock images don’t make your blogs scale. Aside from the fact that they appear ordinary, stock images don’t give an excellent first impression. Nowadays, it’s hard to make your blogs rank due to such cut-throat competition. And when they do rank, ensure that you impress your readers with not only quality content but also custom images that pack a punch.

If you’re still hesitating about using custom images on your blog due to costs, don’t be. An on-demand graphic design service could be your best and most affordable design partner. Knowing where to find the experts is what it takes to make custom graphic design a worthy investment.