Why Remote Workers Are Moving to Cheaper States

Remote working is fun, convenient, and offers you a lot of perks you won’t be able to enjoy with a 9 to 5 office job.

In the past few years, many companies have started to lean towards remote working, and since the coronavirus pandemic, most companies have tried it at least once.

Remote working offers you a lot of benefits as you get to create your own office space and decide your own hours. It also eliminates the hassle of commuting or getting dressed every day and saves you time and resources. However, the major benefit of remote jobs is that you can work from anywhere you like and won’t have to stay bound to a particular town.

Many remoter workers nowadays are moving to cheaper and quieter states with better facilities and less expenditure. If you are a remote worker who is considering moving to another state but are unsure about it, then you have stumbled on the right blog. In this article, I have mentioned a few of the main reasons due to which remote workers are moving to cheaper states and why you should also consider it. Let’s take a look:

Cost of Living

Perhaps the most prominent reason due to which remote workers are moving to cheaper states is the cost of living.

Jobs in crowded cities tend to pay a lot more than jobs in smaller cities. However, the difference is that a big city job also comes with more expenses because renting an apartment in cities like New York, Washington, or Los Angles is far from affordable.

With a remote job, you have the option of living in an affordable state like Tennessee while being employed at a fancy company in New York or another big city.

From rent to groceries, you can reduce all your expenses and can save more money for holidays or retirement.

Work-Life Balance

Another reason remote workers are moving to affordable and quieter places is that it allows them to strike a better work-life balance.

You may have a good salary and other luxuries in your home city, but if you are working ten to eleven hours a day for that luxury, is it really worth it? Remote working gives you the opportunity to move to a quiet state with more sightseeing spots and a relaxing environment.

Working in an affordable and quiet place will not only make you more productive but will also keep your mood healthy and happy.

Better Living Standards

A lot of big cities have very poor living standards and if you are tired of those standards then moving to a quiet and nice city will offer you plenty of relaxation.

There are a lot of small cities out there that are cheaper than crowded cities and yet offer better living standards. It is recommended that you shortlist a few small cities that have a low cost of living and compare their living standards with your current city to find out if you are getting a better deal or not.


If you love the weather of the city you are currently living in, then you can skip this one, but if not, then this could be a major reason to switch to another state.
It is also something that is subjective because where some people like bright open skies, other people prefer clouds, winds, and rain. There are a lot of small cities out there that offer you different weather and fresher air.

One major problem with crowded cities is that the air stays polluted most of the time, which can make breathing unpleasant. Moving to a state with less traffic and factories will ensure that you live in a safe environment and can enjoy good weather more often.