Biggest Casinos in Hungary You Must Visit

You no longer need to travel to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, or Macao, among other places, to enjoy casinos.

Hungary is up and coming in this field and has some of the best and most entertaining venues in the world. We’re going to take a look at some of the biggest casino venues in Hungary and even some online options.

1. Las Vegas Casino Corvin setany

As we said, you won’t need to travel to the States to get a taste of Las Vegas when the Las Vegas Casino Corvin setany, located in Budapest, will take you there! The casino is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing visitors and tourists from all over the world to enjoy their slots and table games any time they like!

It doesn’t matter if you are a risky player or one that likes to be more conservative; you can find a game with a volatility rating you can accept and a wide variety of games for players from all walks of life.

2. Onyx Casino

Another famous casino to visit in Hungary is the Onyx Casino in Nyiregyhaza, a little bit away from Budapest. Other than featuring a standard bar and restaurant, the Onyx also has coveted slot machines and table games, including poker and roulette.
The Onyx Casino also opens its doors 24/7 for visitors to satisfy their gambling needs.

This beautiful casino also hosts poker tournaments in their dedicated poker room that can yield cash prizes and more! To learn more about casinos from famous author Peter Deli, you can view more here.

3. Las Vegas Casino Atlantis

Just from the name alone, you can expect a certain degree of mysticism in Las Vegas Casino Atlantis, an 8600 square foot casino. Better yet, you can hope to achieve great wins! Located in the populous city of Budapest, the Las Vegas Casino Atlantis is easily accessible to locals and tourists. The casino is equipped with the latest slot machines and offers 9580 squares filled with table games and gaming machines.

4. Tropicana Casino Budapest

Slightly smaller than the other casinos, Tropicana still makes it on our list as they feature more table games. With 8 tables and 159 gaming machines, Tropicana makes the most use out of their 6135 square feet venue.
Located in the heart of the city, Tropicana Casino Budapest has the most to offer not only from inside the casino, but also outside. The location is walkable to other attractions nearby, making it an excellent choice for visitors.

5. Biggest Online Casinos in Hungary

You won’t have to leave the hotel or your home if you opt for the biggest online casino platforms in Hungary, such as Since 2013, the government has finally legalized online casinos and given lovers of the game access to plenty of slot machines and table games from the convenience of their electronic devices.

Other than Magyar Online, Cadoola Casino is also a famous online platform. This virtual casino is a relatively new one, being only established back in 2017. The website is in native Hungarian, which makes it a great option for locals. Cadoola gives you access to a variety of games that can keep players occupied for hours.
Cadoola offers customer support if any technical difficulties may arise. There are also hundreds of games available and multiple withdrawal options for the convenience of the players.

Betsson Casino is also another famous casino online. It’s also one of the oldest iGaming platforms, with over two decades under its belt. There are more than 50 developers that contribute games to the platform, which guarantees endless variety.

As a fully licensed online casino, Betsson also provides players with higher withdrawal limits and 24/7 customer support.