How to Streamline Your Search For Electronic Components

As an OEM, time is always of the essence.

You have to move products along your production line as quickly as possible, all the while curating a careful if not precarious balance between efficiency and quality. One of the biggest frictions in the day to day running of an OEM is the procurement of electronic components. This long, drawn out process has been the same way for decades, often involving the manual comparison of prices, turning from one supplier to another and being left in the dark in terms of deliveries and specific parts ordering.
Thankfully, these processes are changing for the better, and more OEMs than ever before are discovering efficient and reliable ways to obtain the electrical parts they need. By switching to an online e-commerce marketplace, you’ll have the luxury of an extensive product catalog, the convenience of uploading your entire BOM with one click and the peace of mind that comes with guaranteed parts and carefully monitored logistics. Want to know more? Here we’ll explore how to streamline your search for electronic components.

Utilise a BOM tool

By switching your electronic component search to an e-commerce platform such as you’ll get full use of their revolutionary BOM tool, a simple, easy to use tool that allows users to upload their entire BOM list and find what they need within seconds. Once you’ve uploaded your list, you’ll have the freedom to set your search criteria, whether that’s based on cost, location, offer, brand or delivery options. Using real-time data, you’ll get the latest results within seconds, helping you choose the products you need effortlessly.

Trust fully vetted suppliers

Finding the right parts for the right price is great, but if the supplier you’ve chosen isn’t reliable, or supplies you with parts that aren’t fit for purpose, then any savings you may have made have only been replaced with total inconvenience and damage to your reputation. By switching to an e-commerce marketplace supplier like, you can streamline your entire procurement process by effectively eliminating these kinds of issues. With all vendors fully vetted, and chosen specifically for their reputation and fulfilment capabilities, you can shop with total peace of mind.

Choose better logistics

If your procurement process is at the mercy of unreliable delivery times, or you’re constantly trying to locate missing inventory, then it’s time to switch to an online e-commerce marketplace. and their BOM tool, gives businesses like yours the freedom to select products based on their delivery availability, and gives you the option to schedule multiple deliveries, keeping your supply chain and factory floor moving, whether you need one component or 1000.

And finally, refocus on communications

Keeping the lines of communication open throughout the procurement process is essential. This stops accidental orders, duplicates, and surplus orders being placed, wasting your time, money, and other resources. By switching to an e-commerce marketplace, you can streamline the communications across the procurement procedure. By downloading your BOM and sharing your latest orders with your teams, and updating your very own dashboard, everyone can be on the same page.