Employee Wellness Initiatives That Your Company Should Consider

Any company worth its letterhead goes to great lengths to find and hire the right staff.

This goes to show how important it is to create a team that is knowledgeable and can work well together. From this thread of thought, it is thus fair to say that the wellness of your team directly impacts the wellness of your firm.

Investing in the wellness of your team is not something you are particularly obligated to do. Still, it is the right thing to do from a humane perspective and also in the interest of your firm. The challenge is, beyond bonuses, most companies are simply not sure how to address this issue. Fortunately, you don’t have to look any further. Here is a road map of tips to guide you.

A Healthy Communicative Work Culture

Every industry has its unique set of workplace challenges. In the recent past, for instance, it has come to light that pay disparities and sexual harassment are a wildfire in Hollywood. If the light was shone into factories, the complaints might be the same or lean more towards health and safety issues. The bottom line is, you may carry on obliviously without knowing what ails your staff unless they have room to voice it.

Silencing complaints and contrary opinions is equally an age-old problem in most workplaces. Any employee that speaks up too often is labeled a troublemaker and so everyone suffers in silence to avoid testing the waters of unemployment. This, however, only gives problems a chance to fester and eventually blow up.

You could avoid these issues by nurturing an open communicative work culture where employees can express themselves. They should be assured that they will suffer no retribution upon presenting their grievances. There should also be clear guidelines on how such complaints should be presented and addressed to their sensible conclusion.

Personal Development Programs

A large part of human behavior in the workplace is driven by their personality more than their position. Some employees, for example, are great professionals with priceless talent but could be very shy and have a haphazard public image. This can be very challenging for them mentally and emotionally and it may hinder their work performance.

One of the great secrets of being a successful entrepreneur is learning to spot a diamond in the rough. Such employees only need some basic tools to realize their full potential. Personal development programs with life coaches and public image experts could help them do and be better. If you choose to sponsor them through such programs you might reap so much more than you put in.

Conducive Workspaces

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At the onset of the millennium, the ergonomic office furniture industry must have grown about tenfold. This is because backaches among office workers became a trending health issue and most companies took steps to address it. However, there are now new trending health concerns in workspaces that you may need to look into.

The Covid-19 pandemic is unlikely to end in a nice neat clean cut. It is rather likely to fade off over time. Nonetheless, like 9/11 and other major world events, it may have changed how people interact forever. As such, you may need to make some adjustments to your business premises. This may include, social distancing rules as well as proper aeration and sanitation.

Speaking of aeration, poor air quality is one of the leading causes of poor health in employees in workplaces. It encourages the spread of communicable respiratory diseases like the flu, tuberculosis, and even the Coronavirus. It is even far worse in industrial spaces where product fumes and smoke run rife. Consider investing in air purification devices from a certified air purifier manufacturer to keep your team in good health.


The average office employee spends about 8 hours at their desk. While they dispense copious amounts of mental energy, they do not move around much. As medical professionals endlessly remind us, this puts employees at risk of heart disease, blood clots, and bodyweight complications.

One of the challenges that staff members face is that there is barely enough time between work and their commute to exercise. Gym memberships in the business district can also often be beyond their budget. However, if you could install a fitness facility for employees at your premises, it would ease most of these hurdles for them. Team building excursions or company sports activities are equally a great way to encourage fitness and build morale at the same time.

Sponsored Annual Health Checks

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It is estimated that almost half of the American population suffers from hypertension. Medical research further shows that in the same population, at least 16.2 million people had a significant depressive episode in 2016. Both of these are stress and lifestyle-related diseases that have also been found to be prevalent in people with high-pressure jobs.

Sponsoring annual or bi-annual health checks for your team could help them identify and address health issues. Sometimes a lazy employee is not really lazy, it could be that they are depressed and are not even aware of it. When such issues are diagnosed and treated it could infinitely improve their performance.


The hallmarks of team spirit include not leaving anyone behind and looking out for each other. What better way is there to achieve that than embracing and supporting wellness initiatives for your team?