How to Reward Staff When you’re not in the Office

As the end of year approaches, employers across the country might be looking for ways of rewarding the contributions of their hard-working workforce.

It’s been an especially trying year for many across the UK (and indeed, the world); a morale-boosting one-off event might be just the thing to get everyone ready to tackle those last few months of Covid-inflicted hardship.

A Thank-You Box

A gift in the post is always likely to be well-received. You might put a selection of sentimental items, hand-written notes, and edible treats in each box. Chocolate will always go down well, but you might also include candles, discount-vouchers, and cosmetics. Festive party hats and Christmas crackers might also be a good idea!

A Bonus

If your budget allows for it, then it might be worth providing your staff with a financial perk. While a small gift demonstrates a bit of thought, the gesture will start to ring hollow if it appears that you can afford to top up everyone’s wages with a one-off bonus. After all, if your staff don’t deserve a bonus after suffering through 2020, then when will they deserve it? Just make sure you meet your tax obligations.

A Virtual Party

This year, we’ve all gotten acquainted with the pleasures of home-working and teleconferencing. Video-conferencing software companies like Zoom were virtually unheard of at the start of the year; now they’re everywhere. If your employees are already starting to associate the platform with gruelling meetings and hard work, then why not provide the antidote by holding a party on Zoom? You can have everyone enjoy the treats they’ve been sent while they’re on camera – which is a good reason to include novelty party-hats in your thank-you box.

Experience Days

Parties aren’t the only option, however. You might put together a quick quiz, and have everyone compete for a few novelty prizes. You might host a one-off cookery event, and have everyone join in at home. Or you might host a murder mystery party!
If you’d prefer to wait for a proper, real-life experience day, then you might present your workforce with vouchers, and host the experience later in 2021 – when the lockdown is lifted, and everyone in the country is suitably vaccinated.

Finishing Early

One perk that almost everyone’s bound to appreciate is an extra day off or two over the festive season. If there’s no more work to be done until after Christmas, then there’s no point in keeping everyone around for the sake of doing so. Sending everyone home early will buy you the goodwill you need after asking so many to commit to overtime over December!