3 Tips to Reduce Your CPA Exam Study Time in Half

Three ways you can master the art of cutting study time in half concerning the CPA exam include creating a solid routine that optimizes your ability to learn, awareness of your trajectory of efficiency, and applying the Pareto law to your study sessions.

Do not attempt to re-create the Uniform CPA Examination wheel or you will waste time and fail. Organize your travel arrangements to the Prometric Center or review the new CO-VID procedures for testing online. For important COVID-19 updates, please visit the NASBA or Prometric websites.

How to Create and Maintain a Solid Schedule

First, mental discipline is a prerequisite that you must train for regarding the 200 hours of minimum study time. Never forget to reach out to loved ones and friends, particularly when you need help, to keep calm, stay connected, and research. The popular problem is that you do too many simulations and overwork yourself during the time leading up to the test.

If you have trouble reviewing on your own, sign up for a study group offering a CPA Course Online based on your specific learning habits. Create a solid study routine with a study plan that you will commit to and learn the most from doing. You have to keep a tight schedule and remind yourself of the most appropriate times to study. Constantly review what you learn as you go and maybe use notecards to create a review tool.

Advice to Optimize Learning Skills

Secondly, you need to maintain a tight schedule and remember the most suitable time to study daily. Build a solid routine with a study schedule that you can devote to and learn the most from. Continuously assess what you learn as you go and use index cards or a similar strategy to create a review tool.

Also, avoid over-stimulation from the vast amount of process information that can contribute to stress, anxiety testing, and potentially mental health problems related to the whole process. Know the signs and set up a support system to help you succeed. Report to your employer the details of your CPA exam schedule and review any deadlines that might occur during this journey.

The Pareto Law: How to Relax Sometimes

One of the first objectives you learn as a college student is the Pareto law, otherwise known as the 80/20 rule. This law suggests to work out the magical twenty percent of all the concepts you’ve established so far and optimize them to cut everything else out. Are you aware of your personal trajectory of efficiency? Commonly known as the productivity curve, this concept will ultimately lead you to visualize the ideal outcome and succeeding in promoting effective study habits.

Finally, training tests are primarily for familiarizing yourself with the structure, features, and time management of the actual test. Therefore, do not plan to use these practice resources to grasp the material that really needs to be practiced. You must pass all four parts within 18 months, receiving a minimum score of 75 for each segment. Research the CPA Exam Blueprints to learn more about the particular topics covered in each segment of the assessment.

Concluding Thoughts For Reducing Study Time

Major ways you can reduce study time by half have been explored in three different ways here. Each person seems to have a finite scope of efficiency through their goals, which means you need to relax to restore lost energy after study sessions. You should not let passing or failing undermine your incentive to move forward in this industry.

Having a CPA exam coach or mentor will potentially boost your chances rather than putting all the pressure on your shoulders. When you’ve completed your studies and feel well-prepared, don’t hesitate to evaluate promptly.