How To Start Your Own DWI Law Firm

DWI (driving while intoxicated) is one of the main causes why accidents happen on the road.

This kind of offense has several penalties and may vary from one state to another. Depending on how complicated the DWI case is, the defendants may need legal help to resolve their cases.

If you’re a lawyer who has years of experience in prosecuting or defending people charged with DWI offenses, you might want to consider starting your own DWI law firm. Generally, a DWI law firm focuses on DWI-related cases and provides clients a strong defense team for their case, like DWI Guy.

There are several ways on how to start a DWI law firm and these include the following:

Make A Business Plan

Before you start your own DWI law firm, one of the first things you should do is to develop a detailed business plan. This includes creating your mission statement, planning the marketing strategy, financials, and knowing your firm’s competitive advantages. With this, it’ll give you a clearer vision of what your firm would look like, helping you plan its future.

Make an executive summary of your business plan that details the location, objectives, goals, and focus of its practice. Before you start operating your law firm, you also have to determine your budget and research your client market.

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Determine The Startup Costs

Having your own home office is as good as renting an office space for your law firm. With a home office, you’ll be able to enjoy savings from overhead costs. This means that you may establish your DWI law firm without spending a huge amount of money.

Basically, the startup cost for a DWI law firm may include the cost to purchase a printer, laptop, scanner, and fees to get a website domain.

Consider The Business Structure Of Your Law Firm

When you start running a law firm, you should consider choosing the right business structure, which can give you protection from personal liability and resolves any possible tax consequences of practicing your profession.

You may choose from a PA or LLC business structure. LLC (Limited Liability Company) is considered as a hybrid between a corporation and partnership, and various states have particular regulations for each type of business entity. PA (Professional Association), on the other hand, is a kind of business entity that’s limited to certain professions.

Give An Appropriate Name To Your Law Firm

When naming your law firm, there’s one rule that you should consider, that is, choosing the most appropriate name. Your law firm’s name should indicate your expertise. Since you’re focusing on DWI cases, your law firm name should show such kinds of cases.

You should also avoid the clichéd phrases like including the word “Associates.” If possible, adopt a straightforward and simple name that comes with the phrases ‘DWI Law Firm’ so your potential clients can easily find you online.

Have Your Own Website

When starting your own DWI law firm, another thing to consider is to have your official website. Also, you might want to ensure that it’s well-designed and easy to use.

Although it’s an extra expense to have a website, it’s one way to jumpstart your online presence, which can be advantageous for your law firm. One of its benefits is increased brand awareness.

Since more and more people use the internet for the services or products they’re looking for, an online presence is necessary so they can find your law firm. With an official website, your brand awareness will increase and you’ll be able to gain more prospects in the long run.

Another benefit of having a website is that you can easily engage with your potential clients. Others might be reluctant to speak with lawyers because of some reasons like confusion and shame about their situation. That’s why having a website may come in handy when communicating with your audience and sharing sample cases you’ve handled before.

Build A Network

With the number of DWI law firms online and offline, it can be challenging to get clients. A good solution to this is to build a network by getting to know more lawyers and other legal professionals who can recommend some clients with DWI and drunk driving cases.

Once you get more connections, you’ll be able to gain clients in the long run.

Choose A Physical Address

Your law firm’s physical address must be permanent. This is because it’s a crucial factor in determining your law practice’s success.

These days, Google Places will determine the physical address to find your law firm. So, choose the right address wisely. Never move the address often as it may affect your online marketing efforts, which is essential to find your law firm over the internet.

Ideally, select an address where your firm may stay for a lot of years. See to it that the search engines can find the address quickly. For instance, if your firm is located in a bigger building, map your office in Google Maps so search engines can find it.

Take Advantage Of The Popularity Of Social Media

Starting your own DWI law firm may be expensive, so it’s crucial to take advantage of free or cheap marketing opportunities if you can.

When it comes to today’s marketing, there’s no doubt that social media is a popular and powerful tool that businesses, like law firms, can use to spread the word about their services to their target audience.

The popularity of social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, provides you a good opportunity to connect with your audience. The best thing about such platforms is that they’re free of charge. Once you’re done creating your law firm’s accounts, you can start posting or uploading information related to your law firm and the services you offer.

Bottom Line

DWI cases can be tricky for some lawyers to navigate. However, if you have an interest or expertise in this field, you might like to start your own DWI law firm.

To establish your online presence and reputation in the industry, just make sure to determine the startup costs, choose the best name for your law firm, build a network, and create a website.