How Floor Signs Keep People Safe

Floor signs are something you probably see often.

They serve as a way to warn or direct people. They can advertise and share ideas. Floor signs serve many purposes and can be a very effective type of signage.
Understanding how they keep people safe requires knowing more about people use them and the purposes they serve.

The Uses of Floor Signs

Businesses often use floor signs to serve a distinct purpose. Reuters explains these signs can direct, inform, and advise people.


A floor sign can direct people on what to do. For example, in a pharmacy setting, floor signs are a common site near the pharmacy counter. They stick onto the floor and indicate where a person should stand. This allows the pharmacy to keep people from crowding the counter.

This serves two purposes. First, it protects patient privacy. Second, it saves the pharmacy staff from having to manage lines.

Protecting patient privacy is important, so by ensuring the next person in line stands back from the counter, the pharmacist or technician can speak with the customer at the counter clearly without worrying about anyone else overhearing it. It allows them to provide information. It also keeps distractions low, which helps ensure the person is paying attention to what the staff member is saying.

By freeing up the staff, floor signs allow pharmacy staff to avoid having to keep redirecting people where to stand. Instead, they can focus on their job duties and ensure safe and competent services.


Sometimes, floor signs provide information. They can alert people to products for sale and work like advertisements. Another way they may provide information is that they can tell people to keep their distance from others to prevent the spread of illness.

Some places use floor signs as a type of map that leads people to a specific point. For example, the zoo may use adhesive floor signs to direct people to each of the different exhibits. It is much cheaper than handing out maps to every visitor.


Floor signs also can ensure people are aware of something. For example, wet floor signs let people know the floor may be slippery. They could also help if there is an unexpected step.

Floor signs used to advise can help to prevent accidents and keep people safe. They usually serve a distinct purpose and stand out so that people cannot miss them.
Some may be temporary signs, but many are permanent fixtures. For example, if there is an area that is always wet and slippery, such as beside a pool area, a permanent floor sign is helpful because then it is always there. Nobody has to remember to put the sign out.

Benefits of Floor Signs

Floor signs are helpful in a few different ways. They can reassure people that you are looking out for them and taking measures to keep them safe.
They also provide a visual guide. People don’t have to think too much when they see such a sign because it is to-the-point and clearly conveying a message. Eventually, they will become instinctual to people who see them often.

They also can easily mark zones or areas. You can use them to alert people not to stand in a certain place due to a hazard or danger. It is natural for people to pay attention to the sign, which keeps them safe.

Tips for Using Floor Signs

One of the tips for using floor signs is that you want to make them friendly. People will respond much better if you make the sign seem like a suggestion or a nice request rather than a demand.

Humor also works well in floor signs. Even if the subject matter is serious, humor can grab attention and make people actually look at and read the sign.
OHS Online explains that you also need to be careful with overusing such signs. Bombarding people with too many signs makes them start to tune them out. They may miss important warnings or information.

Don’t Ignore the Sign

A floor sign is a great way to communicate something important or to ensure people understand something. They catch the eye and are often more effective than other types of signs because they are not yet overused. Consider how you can use a floor sign in your business to make it safer or to provide information to customers and employees.