5 Must-Haves When Holding a Company Event

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way that organizations plan and implement their corporate events.

Here are five essentials that you need to think about when hosting a company event.

Face Masks and Proper Hygiene Stations: In this era of COVID-19, keeping your event attendees safe needs to be your number one priority. To achieve this objective, you need to make sure that your event provides the appropriate handwashing stations. Putting sanitization stations up throughout the event space will encourage proper handwashing. You can also provide your attendees with company-branded face masks to wear at the event. Not only are masks needed for safety, but they also provide a fun take-home gift for your guests.

Custom Branded T-Shirts: Give your attendees a memorable parting gift by providing them with custom branded t-shirts. Everyone will appreciate having a memento of the special occasion that they can take home with them. You can create nearly any design with a custom shirt, allowing you to showcase your company and the event. In addition, your budget will thank you for the special discount that you will receive for ordering the shirts in bulk. According to the experts at Bagmasters, “They create valuable touchpoints for potential customers and bring your brand more visibility. “ In other words, this also gives you another benefit for potential customers that your brand will run into at the event.

Food and Drink: If your staff will be at the event for more than a few hours, it is going to be up to you to feed them. Because of the heightened risk of COVID-19, most venues are moving away from offering buffet options. Your best bet will be to provide a plated option of individually packaged meals that can be served directly to the attendee. Self-serve beverage stations should also be treated with caution. Having bins of individually packaged drinks is a better choice if your goal is to mitigate the risk of COVID-19.

Capacity and the Appropriate Amenities: Once you have selected the location for your event, you need to ensure that the venue has the appropriate capacity and corresponding amenities. Be sure to account for plenty of space to follow the recommended social distancing protocols so that nobody feels uneasy. You should also make sure that the venue has sufficient parking space to accomodate all of your attendees so that people do not feel pressured to carpool during this unprecedented time.

Personal Touches: At the end of the day, it is the little things that will truly make a big difference in the success of the event. Your guests will leave with a positive memory of the event if you pay attention to the personal touches. This includes details such as the friendliness of the event staff, the ease of parking and finding the venue, the comfort of the seating, and the entertainment. By making the attendees feel valued at the event, they will feel like an important part of the organization.

There is no doubt that the current health crisis has made event planning more challenging than ever before. However, keeping these five elements in mind will ensure that your next corporate event is a big success.