How to Make Your Team Promote and Believe in Your Business Better

Do you feel like your businesses’ growth has hit some kind of a plateau? This is a common occurrence in many businesses and more times than not it’s because your team is no longer pushing boundaries.

The team might have settled in some comfort zone. You may need to get them out of this zone and encourage teamwork and a growth mentality. They say teamwork makes the dream work. While this is a very decent saying, the recommendation is somewhat incomplete.
Defining the improvements to be made is the first step to working on teamwork. Setting clear goals, objectives, and roadmap is paramount.

Where Do I Start?

Zero in on Roles

Picking your team members is perhaps one of the most important parts of running a business. A thorough selection process often produces greater benefits in the long run, and this means spending more time in recruiting. Hiring someone just to fill a position can harm the team. Businesses that hire just to have bodies in the space end up becoming a revolving door. The employees may treat the role as a temporary gig or show no interest in understanding the business model. This means spending more time hiring for the same role than developing the ultimate team. Loopholes in the hiring process can cost you more in the long run, and it doesn’t have to. Invest your time and resources in getting highly motivated people who specialize in particular roles and it will pay off handsomely.

Do They Know the Goals?

Is your team familiar with all the short-term and long-term goals? Having well-articulated goals becomes the focal point for every task the team seeks to achieve every day. The enthusiasm and satisfaction from attaining short-term goals reinforce the motivation to work towards the bigger picture; the long-term goal. However, it is very important to develop realistic and achievable goals. You don’t want your team feeling their efforts are just but vain attempts. Have set milestones to give your team a sense of belonging and band them together towards a common outcome.

Encourage Open Feedback from Your Team

Running a business provides unique challenges and sometimes you won’t have all the answers or solutions to them. It is important to be open to taking feedback from your team as they may be right in areas you are not familiar with all the facts.
Being open feedback is vital in making the team believe in the cause and offers you a chance to get ideas that nurture a growth mentality within the team. It forgers a closer relationship between you and your team which makes administrative work more streamlined. Regularly seek employees’ thoughts and set up avenues for anonymous submissions. It builds a very important culture of communication within the workforce. The experts of believe providing your customers with all the information they need about your company helps promote it. Open internal communication provides for all the team members to read from the same page to provide this information.

Value Every Role

Each member of your team brings something special to the continued success of the business. As such, it is crucial to treat each role as critical to your operations. No one should ever have to question their importance to the team. Appreciate everyone for their unique contributions and they will believe in the cause.

Learning Is a Continuous Process, Encourage It.

New members to your team come with skills learned elsewhere while others come looking to develop them further. Therefore it is important to run programs that encourage them to acquire new market-oriented skills. Even the ones with fixed mentality and content with the skills they already have will ultimately engage in these programs to be more productive.
One of the ingenious ways of encouraging continuous learning is to make these programs goal-oriented and not performance-oriented. Growth mentality is what promotes a business.


In-House Personnel Need Promotions

Many fixed-mindset team members may be content with their roles and levels and put no extra work in seeking to surpass that level. That can make you seek new personnel for the new roles from outside. However, a well instituted promotional criterion encourages the team to work harder and be more productive to advance their careers. It promotes a growth mentality within the team. Growth of your team means growth for your business as well.

Forge Relationships, Know Each Other

This is often misunderstood on many levels. You, as a professional, are never obligated to become friends on a personal level with your workmates. However, professionally curated engagements and offsite socializing gives the members a chance to know their team members more and appreciate what they do. Getting to know the team members in these offsite interactions helps you understand their style of work and forges a closer but professional working relationship.

For your team to promote and believe in your business and its cause, they need to be focused on a growth mentality. And with the tips above, you can give them a nudge in the right direction.