Handy Swift Coding Tips That Make You Work Faster

Swift is increasingly becoming a popular programming language.

It incorporates the best elements of objective C and eliminates its bad elements reducing the compatibility issues. App developers can enjoy handy features such as Markdown syntax to create great texts and embedded images that display using the Xcode quick help. If you are looking for a safe programming language that is easy to read, maintain, offers efficient memory management, and is extremely fast, then swift is the way to go.

This article provides various ways you can improve the swift effectiveness and make you work faster.

Know the Generics

If you would like your apps to have a sense of uniqueness and originality, you must work smart with the generic coding. The correct use of the generics will help you avoid duplicate codes. It will also enable you to hide unnecessary features from the users, thus avoiding abstraction. Moreover, the generic code will help you customize the swift library with flexible and reusable functions and types. Therefore, you will be able to perform type checks to identify errors, eliminate casts, and implement generic algorithms much faster than using non-generic codes.

Use ARC to manage memory

Your apps need to be optimized to increase their effectiveness and user-experience. One way of optimizing your apps in Canada is by using the Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) to track and manage memory usage. When looking for web hosting Canada residents will recommend you optimize your apps to make them compatible with various Apple devices and rank in search well in search engines. When optimized, the ARC will automatically free up the memory used by class instances, which are no longer needed, to create space for other characters. However, sometimes the ARC may clean instances that are still in use. Trying to recover such instances may crush your app. It’s thus essential to have sufficient knowledge on how to use ARC effectively.

Understand Functional Programming

The knowledge of functional programming may enhance your professional look. You can use it to customize pure functions that are easier to test and debug. Also, you can use it to perform complex mathematical functions while avoiding mutable data and state. Thus, functional programming can reduce the complexity of functions by changing them to more concise codes while preventing the change of their original meaning.

Set Background Images Appropriately

There are two different ways to place a background image on your view. The first method is to add a UI Image subview to the view. The second method is to set your view color background to color created with a UI pattern. If you display with the UI image view, make sure they are of the same size. If the image is downloaded from the remote service, you may not need to control the size. Using a UI image view will save a lot of memory.

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The above tips can help you make more concise codes that are original and have a minimum abstraction level. You will also manage the memory consumption by using ARC to replace the useless instances with more useful ones. The proper utilization of swift programming language will give your apps an upper hand in the market since they will rank well in search engines and work effectively with almost all Apple devices.