4 Reasons to Listen to the Advice of Your DUI Lawyer

Finding yourself arrested for driving under the influence is tough.

In order to deal with the situation, you need help from one of the Ontario DUI lawyers as quickly as possible. To maximize what that lawyer can do for you, it pays to listen to all advice that the legal counsel offers. Doing so is in your best interests for a number of reasons, including the following four. 

Your Legal Counsel Knows How to Relate Current Laws to Your Case

You’ve now entered waters where you’ve never traveled before. A lawyer does know what sort of laws are currently in effect. More importantly, your legal counsel knows how those laws relate to the specific circumstances surrounding your arrest. Now is the time to set aside whatever you think that you know about DUI laws and listen to what you lawyer has to say. Doing so will make preparing the defense a lot easier. 

As Well as What Legal Precedents Apply

It’s not just about understanding the current laws and how they relate to your case. Your lawyer also has access to case histories that may include some precedents that would be helpful. There also may be some precedents that the opposing counsel could use; your lawyer will also be aware of those and have some ideas on how to defuse their impact on your case. 

This is another area where you may not know a great deal. Anything that you do know should be shared with the lawyer and set aside if necessary. Understanding precedents and how they can work for or against you will also make preparing the defense simpler. 

Your Legal Counsel Can Explain What to Expect

Your lawyer can help you get an idea of what’s most likely to happen in your case. The possibilities range from being able to get the case dismissed to a conviction. Your past record plus the specifics of the present case will go a long way toward determining what might happen after a conviction. 

Your lawyer isn’t trying to scare or intimidate you. The point of going over how the current impaired driving laws could impact the outcome is so that you’re prepared for most outcomes. In this way, you can plan for the worst even as you hope for the best. 

And How to Conduct Yourself in Court

You haven’t spent a lot of time in court. That means there’s quite a bit about basic court etiquette that you don’t know. You can bet that before the court date arrives, your lawyer will provide some essentials that help you know how to behave once the court is in session. 

One of those will be to allow your lawyer to do the talking. No matter what the other side says, hold your peace and rely on your legal counsel to take whatever action is merited. Doing so will work to your advantage. 

Remember that a DUI charge is never something to consider a minor issue. Hire a lawyer as quickly as possible and work closely with your legal counsel. Follow any advice given and always provide your full cooperation. Doing so will make the potential for a better result much higher.