Simple and Effective Ways to Motivate Your Employees

As an employer and manager, you face several important tasks each and every day in your office.

First, you have to ensure that everyone is doing their job and is doing it effectively. Secondly, you have to ensure that the business is profiting from the work that is being done. Finally, you have to be able to quickly motivate your workers so that they are outputting a high quality of work each and every day. While motivating your employees might sound easy, it can be extremely difficult, especially if plenty of mundane office work is done. If you are unable to change the style of work to be more appealing, considering looking at the office itself and things you can do to create a better atmosphere.
Here are some simple and effective ways to motivate your employees.


Thousands of workplaces worldwide have people coming in late every day, claiming that the drive-thru line for their coffee was extremely long. It’s true when they say that the workplace runs on one beverage, coffee. One of the best ways to ensure your employees arrive to work on time and output work at high efficiency is by giving them free coffee every day. However, it’s important to note that you can’t just take any coffee and serve it to your employees. This coffee has to be of a higher quality than they could get outside of the workplace.
As soon as the coffee at the local shop tastes better, your employees will start going there. It might sound crazy buying expensive coffee, however, it is shown that employers make up for that money in work output and proper work hours.

So what kind of coffee should you choose for the office? There are plenty of different kinds of coffees to choose from. Considering where the beans come from and how they are roasted all play an important factor. One of the new trends for coffee that is on the rise is green coffee.
What is green coffee? Green coffee simply means that the beans have not been roasted. What does it mean for this coffee trend and its flavor? The taste is much milder, resulting in a smooth blend between an herbal tea and a coffee. It is great for those who want the morning caffeine of a coffee without that bold taste. Along with green coffee, there are plenty of others you can get for your office. One of the simplest but best ways to motivate your employees is to get them their morning coffee.

Work Incentives

Humans are goal focused on individuals who often look for their own personal gain from the situation. This is why people end up doing jobs they hate because they are focused on the income rather than the work itself. As a result of this, you can have plenty of employees doing mindless work just thinking about their next paycheck. If you want to change that and get them involved in the workplace, consider adding workplace incentives. If you are a company that works with sales, the top salespeople of each month can receive a slightly larger bonus or an extra day of vacation. These incentives do not have to be major either.
Setting small goals can be great for your company as the now friendly competition begins. Each employee tries their best to one-up each other and claim the prize for themselves. At the end of the month, whatever the incentive has cost you, your company has earned an amount exponentially greater. Look to change up the monthly incentive as well, as a repetitive price will eventually fall flat as people get bored.
Therefore, change the prizes every month and give even the winner’s something new to look forward to. Offering incentives for hard work in the office is a great way to motivate employees and get the most out of them.

Improve the Office Aesthetic

Finally, look to spice up the office and make it look like a more pleasant place. If the office consists of very few windows and boring and dull colors, your employees will become jaded and, in a sense, feel like they are trapped in prison. By taking the time to get nice furniture, change the colors on the wall, and bring in some natural lighting, you will greatly improve the mood within the office.

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Remember that your employees are people, and they require consistent feedback to stay productive. By treating them with respect, you can get the most out of them and allow your business to boom. They each play an important role in your success, so never underestimate any of them. How do you plan on motivating your employees?