7 Reasons Why Television Has Changed the World

When most people think about TV, entertainment and information are the two common things that come to mind.

Especially in the COVID-19 times where most people are spending more time indoors, television plays a huge role in society. It has become part of our lives over the past few years, both for individuals and businesses alike. From the news to entertaining programs, music, movies, commercials, and educational shows, television provides a whole world of content that impacts the lives of individuals one way or another. Here are 7 reasons why television has changed the world.

1. A Way to Distress

As already mentioned, the larger percentage of content on TV is entertainment. Nothing can be more effective in fighting stress and preventing negative thoughts than your favorite movie or TV show. If you have cable TV or an HDTV antenna, you can get access to hundreds of paid and free channels that show different kinds of entertaining content, from sports to blockbuster movies, reality shows, cooking shows, music videos, and much more.

The good thing about installing an HDTV antenna is that it lets you save some bucks off your budget since you may no longer need to pay for cable TV. But the installation process can be a bit hectic and you may not get the experience you need if you choose to do it on your own. One of the benefits of hiring a professional to install your TV antenna is that it optimizes your channel reception. It is also safer, time-saving, and more convenient since you may not have the required experience and equipment. With many channels to choose from, you’ll never lack something to entertain you and relieve stress with.

2. A Mirror of Society

While most TV programs are meant to entertain the viewers, a great bunch of them also show what happens in society. For instance, in a recent case where an African American by the name of George Floyd died after he allegedly got “knee strangled” by a cop in Minneapolis, Minnesota, there were mass protests across the U.S. in the weeks that followed. These were aired and broadcasted live by major News stations like CNN. Many people from other countries around the world also stood in solidarity to condemn police brutality, especially through social media. Apart from the news, television also reflects society through other programs such as documentaries and even entertainment programs.

3. It Has Helped Comprehending Cultures

Growing up in one environment makes you know about your culture only. Thanks to television, however, one can easily learn and appreciate different cultures around the world. With today’s advanced TV sets like digital, Android, and smart TV, you can browse through different channels and find programs with a cultural touch. Some of these may include cooking shows, reality TV, sports, tourism-related shows, and much more. In some people, this also triggers the urge to travel around the world and experience those cultures.

4. Crime Rates and Vices

Why television has come with a lot of positive impact on society, it hasn’t been without a fair share of drawbacks. For instance, programs and movies with criminal themes, guns, and theft have also been thought to influence violent and aggressive vices, especially amongst the youth. The exposure to these vices makes them feel the need to experiment. Most programs where the main actor involved in fights portray the “okay” part of the program. Unknowingly, this can be detrimental to their social growth, making them believe that crime and violence is not a bad thing.

5. Advertising and Consumerism

This has a hot and cold side of the tea. The good thing about consumerism is that brands are given the platform to advertise their products or services, create employment, as well as increase sales, boosting the country’s economy. The cold side, on the other hand, is that TV commercials may encourage the consumption of unhealthy foods and drinks or influence people to spend on what they want instead of what they need. All the same, it is more than evident that for as long as we’ve known it, television has changed the way people do business.

6. Inspiration and Development

It is always a fulfillment to learn something new that will make you grow and become a better person. Many programs are creative and can motivate you to move out of your comfort zone to try out something new. Some of them are created specifically for kids, to educate them, shape them morally, and help them dream big.

7. May Affect Physical Wellness Social Development

woman using remote tv control

As we all know, TV can be quite addictive. Well, watching too much TV can hinder the person’s urge to engage in physical activity. Most of the time, you will be seated, eating, or drinking. This poses a health threat since you can easily gain weight, exposing yourself to risks like obesity. Also, too much exposure to the light from the screen may lead to eye problems. This is not to forget that being glued to the screen may also limit your time and space for social interaction.

Television has both positive and negative impacts on society. This is why it is important to use TV sparingly and evaluate what is fit for your livelihood. It is also why many parents are monitoring what their kids are watching on TV as part of responsible parenting. Many TV programs also have a program guide, which rates the program and recommends the age it is suited for.