Types of Cigars: How to Choose What to Smoke

The hobby of smoking cigars is a timeless way to relax and enjoy your personal time, or to hang out socially with friends.

Cigars are a traditional hobby for people who like to partake in smoking as more than just an act. Smoking cigars is not about any kind of rush or buzz, it is meant as a way to savor and enjoy a fine product.

Cigars are artisanal and are often crafted with a purpose and that is to be enjoyed by those willing to appreciate the intricacies of the cigar. From the taste, length, tobacco, region, and cost, there is a lot to consider when picking out that well-crafted cigar to taste for yourself. Here is how you can choose the right cigar to smoke.

Cigar Shapes

Not every cigar is built the same and this is something to consider when picking which cigar you want to smoke personally. The shapes range in dimensions as there are no real standardized measurements, but that just means more variety. The shapes are in two main categories, the parejo or figurado. The parejo cigars are flat-sided while figurados are not. Among the two shape distinctions are more differences with shapes and wraps like box-pressed or culebra while figurado shapes include torpedo and perfecto shapes.

Cigar Sizing

As with the shape or wrap of the cigar, the size is an important measurement and can help you understand cigar choosing too. The sizing goes in inches for lengthwise and the gauge, or diameter, is in 64ths of an inch, which would look something like 4.5 x 42, in measuring the cigar. The other way to measure is based on the metric system and focuses on milimeters for length and gauge. The different sizes of cigars each have specific names. The smallest cigars are known as petit corona and the largest is Gran Corona. It goes in order from smallest to largest; petit corona, gordito, robusto, corona, toro, gordo, panatela, lonsdale, churchill, lancero, double corona, and gran corona. The sizes can be as small as 4.5 inches lengthwise all the way up to 9.5 inches.

Purchasing Cigars and Accessories

Luckily for the consumer, cigar smoking has become a much easier hobby to get involved in now that there is so much information and options available. Purchasing cigars at a cigar specialist is still an option but buying online can help set you up for an enjoyable time. As seen from the folks at www.gothamcigars.com, cigars come in a wide assortment of prices and deals. Picking yourself the right cigar to smoke might come down to something as simple as price, or it can revolve around the more specific details like shapes, wraps, flavor, and more about the actual cigar make. It is important to know that you need a reliable cigar lighter and a cutter to make it most enjoyable. Buying online now helps you determine what brand you want and lets you do some browsing to figure out what you want from your smoke.

Tobacco Blends

The main ingredient to a cigar is the tobacco and picking the right cigar means understanding the tobacco blends that are available. They range in color, flavor profile, and leaf quality. Stronger blends are darker and will give a more intense taste. Dark and oily is the look of these tobacco leaves and comes from its growing method, which is from a lot of direct sunlight. Lighter leaves are indicative of a more subtle taste and intensity but not every dark blend of tobacco means it is highly potent as there are a lot of variables, like age and maker.


Cost and Quality

It is also important to understand the difference between cost and quality in the cigar you choose. While many higher-end brands of cigars do cost more and often do offer great quality cigars, the price does not mean everything. Cheaper cigars can be just as enjoyable if they are done right and expensive cigars might not be all they are cracked up to be. Sizing also plays a part in the cost because a bigger cigar means more time to craft and additional tobacco and wrapping. In general, though, read reviews, check out the brand, and see what type of smoke you like when considering the cost for your cigar choices.

When it comes to hobbies of enjoyment for craftsmanship, cigar smoking is second to none. Understanding the care of the craft of cigar making and smoking means looking for the right cigar for your own enjoyment and these are some factors to consider when choosing your smoke.