Returning to the Office: What We Need to Be Careful Of

In the wake of a global pandemic, people all over the world are waking up to just how care-free they have been with their lives, and how much they have put themselves at risk.

History has shown no decline in pandemics, yet after a hundred years pass, we assume that there will never be another, and behave as if there is nothing to be afraid of. Unfortunately, there is.  With many people returning to work and many offices opening their doors for the first time in months, questions are being asked about what exactly it is we need to do to prevent another outbreak, and what to be careful of.

The COVID-19 virus is still active and still killing people, and despite its seeming disappearance, there is always the threat it may return tenfold. Now, more than ever, we need to be as careful as we can at work and at home to ensure that we do not become the unwitting and unknowing carriers of a virus that has killed hundreds of thousands of people. Here are some things to be careful of when you venture back into the office.

Your Clothes May Harbour Harmful Pathogens

At the best of times, we are carrying hundreds of thousands of pathogens on our body, all of which we have developed an immunity to, or have no threat to our health. Occasionally, however, we can harbour more insidious pathogens on our clothes, and virulent strains of influenza among other harmful viruses.

Companies around the world are rushing to find a solution to this; they can regulate personal hygiene, they can maintain social distancing, but it is very hard to control what is on our clothes. The professionals of have developed ultraviolet antimicrobial solutions to this; the research and development into the effect ultraviolet lights have on pathogens are now more than ever. It has been proven that by implementing a UVC station to cleanse your employee’s clothes of pathogens, you are able to regulate and control the potential outbreak of a virus.

UVC solutions, unfortunately, can be very expensive, and there are still clinical trials taking place to ascertain whether or not they can have a harmful effect on our health. Still, notwithstanding, they offer many benefits and should definitely be looked into, whether you use them now or make use of them in the future.

Maintain Social Distancing

Despite our governments unanimously declaring social distancing is no longer necessary, we should still maintain a level of social distancing as a precaution. The virus has not gone away and has simply, seemingly, gone into hibernation. And, with no cure on the horizon, it is very dangerous to forsake social distancing. There is always the potential for a second wave of infections, and that is something government scientists predicted as far back as February.

While social distancing may not always be convenient, especially if you work a more laborious job, such as a construction worker, a warehouse worker, or at a gym, you can still maintain some social distancing. Keep as much distance as you can between you and your colleagues and avoid shaking hands, hugging, or kissing, as these can all be guaranteed ways to ensure the virus can spread to you.

Governments scientists have advocated for a two-metre distance between you and anybody else, and you should endeavour to maintain that, despite it being apparently unnecessary now. By maintaining social distance you prevent spreading the virus and becoming infected, and that way protect not only you and your family, but the families of countless others.

washing hands

Maintain a Level of Personal Hygiene Unlike Before

Personal hygiene is now more important than it has ever been. Many people are completely frivolous when it comes to their personal hygiene and pose a great threat to other people; the coronavirus moves furtively, and by not washing your hands, you risk passing this infection over to other people. Many of us are, and have been, infected with the coronavirus and were simply unaware because of its ability to not infect some, and virulently infect others.

Carry an anti-bacterial gel with you everywhere you go and as was mentioned in the previous paragraph, maintain social distancing. By carrying anti-bacterial gel, you will ensure that should you have to touch others or go near them, you will be protected, and so will they. Working together is the only way we can prevent this virus from taking any more lives.

Now you know some things to be careful of when returning to the office, and some solutions. Implement them at your discretion and remember that despite this virus seemingly having disappeared, another virus is always on the horizon, as has been the same since the inception of mankind.