Key Functions of Investment Banking in the Industry Right Now

Investment banking has a very prominent role in the industry nowadays.

There is no doubt that any successful corporation, regardless of whether they are small scale or not- requires the functions and services that investment banks offer them. Over the years, investment banking functions haven’t changed significantly, however, they adapted to today’s world to ensure that they create successful businesses and corporations of all types of investors. If you are just beginning your journey to learn more about investment banking, then you have started in the right place. Here are six functions that investment banking has in today’s industry.

1- Underwriting Stock Issues

This could seem very confusing but can be understood if you have some knowledge about banking and financial terms. An underwriter is an intermediary between a company or corporation that is offering shares to the public and those who wish to invest in such shares. Another important role that underwriters play is that they take on the leftover shares that were not sold to investors in the sale period agreed upon between the underwriter and the corporation.

2- Finding Investors

Another important function that investment banking has been trying to find investors that are willing to invest in a certain company, thus increasing its capital and ensuring it can cover expenses. This, in turn, enables the company to succeed and generate income. Not only is this helpful for different corporations that need new investors, but it is also beneficial for individuals and other companies that want something to invest in.

3- Handling Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions are handled mainly by investment banks because they ensure that the offer provided by one corporation to the other is fair and attractive to the second party. In mergers, they act as an intermediary between the two sides to ensure that they reach an understanding that is beneficial and agreeable to both sides. Mergers and acquisitions are quite complex and require an understanding of both finance and entrepreneurship and their differences. If you don’t know much about the difference between finance vs entrepreneurship, then it is important that you read up about it and how you can transition from one to the other. Having such knowledge is going to be helpful in understanding various aspects of both fields.

4- Risk Management

One of the most important roles that investment banking has in today’s industry is managing the amount of risk and keeping track of how each major decision that a company plans to take is going to affect it. This includes decisions about stocks and shares as well as expansion decisions. Risk management can also be done for investors who wish to find something reliable to invest in and want a professional to weigh the different risks for them. Investment banking tries to balance the risks and ensures that their client whether a company or an individual is aware of the different risks present when investing.

5- Research

Investment banking research is not like regular research. This research is quite detailed and depends on multiple reports and documentations that are studied thoroughly and put together to form research that can be presented to potential investors that are interested in buying shares of stock in a specific company. As mentioned above, one of the functions that investment baking has is acting as an intermediary between investors and the company or business they want to invest in, which means that their researches need to be quite accurate and detailed to ensure that they remain as impartial as possible, thus increasing their trustworthiness.

6- Asset Management

Nowadays, investment banks also have the capability to manage a person’s or corporation’s assets to ensure that they are accounted for and not at any risk due to the constant changing in the market. Investment banks are sometimes given the power, by their clients, to buy and sell shares as they see fit to ensure that their client’s money is not invested in the wrong place at the wrong time.


These six functions are an explanation for what investment banking is in today’s industry worldwide. These six functions can be summarized in sales and trading. Sales and trading cover various aspects of what investment bankers do to ensure that their clients are profiting from their investments and that corporations are gaining the money they need to start conducting business and getting steady income to retain the capital they spent, cover expenses and flourish in the market. Investment banking is quite necessary for the economy because not only does it create several hundreds of jobs, but it also ensures that corporations are becoming bigger and new businesses are being created.