Efficient Ways to Dry Your Clothes Quickly

How we look in the morning sets the tone for the day.

If you wake up in a good mood, eat breakfast, maybe listen to some music, and dress up nicely, you will set yourself up with a positive attitude for the whole day. If you wake up in a not-so-good mood, you still have got to make sure you have breakfast and wear your favorite clothes as a way to turn your mood around and allow yourself to start the day on a good note.

However, sometimes it’s not just about your mood. You want to look good every day because looking good helps you work better and gain respect from clients, employees, and managers. It may be difficult to stay consistent because it requires a lot of work, like washing your clothes while keeping in mind it will take time for them to dry, get ironed, and be ready for you to put them on.

Here are a few tips to help you dry your clothes quickly and efficiently.

Tumble Dryer

A Tumble dryer will allow you to dry your clothes in bulk, a short while after they’ve been washed. It’s usually quick but that depends on the weight of the items being dried, so try not to overload your dryer. You can also put them in the dryer with a couple of dry towels to get quicker results.

Tumble dryers are usually not cheap and can consume a lot of energy. People usually want to ensure that buying a dryer will not increase their electric bills, and they also want to find one at an affordable price. Being both energy efficient and cheap is not always possible when buying a dryer, though. It may require a lot of research when it comes to comparing energy efficiency and price but once you find the right deal, you will not need to worry about washing and drying your clothes for work the next morning. You can check out dryer reviews online before investing in this handy household appliance.

Remove Excess Water

If you can’t afford a tumble dryer, you can always use the traditional ways to dry off clothes. You can try removing excess water by increasing the number of spins during the wash or draining out water from your washing machine.

You can also wring out excess water by twisting your clothes to clear out the water and remove any excess moisture from your clothes manually. Use a hairdryer to get quicker results or hang them somewhere in the house for a few hours. You may also consider drying them in a towel, or a couple of towels, until they’re just damp and then use heat from an iron. This will get you quicker results.

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Dry Them Out, Naturally

If you usually follow the strategy of removing excess water, you may realize that your clothes have started to smell. When a fabric dries quickly, it can leave a damp smell, which can be frustrating and hard to cover up.

The only solution is to buy yourself a dryer or go green by buying yourself a drying rack and spread your clothes out on the balcony, or under a sunny window in your apartment. The natural heat from the sun will remove that smell and the air will dry your clothes, especially when it’s sunny outside. You just have to keep in mind that this solution is not very effective on rainy or windy days. It may take hours to dry your clothes on days like that.

You also need to consider the fabric and material of the clothes you’re trying to dry. Some materials may shrink or get damaged if washed and dried with increased spin cycles in the washer. For example, the best way to dry a pair of jeans is to air dry them in the sun or wrap a couple of dry towels around them to remove excess water and then iron them out. On the other hand, if you dry your clothes out naturally, they may get dirty again while hanging on the balcony. They could fall off and fly away if it’s especially windy, or simply get stretched out from hanging the wrong way.

All in all, a modern dryer that comes with different programs for different fabrics and clothes offers you a hassle-free way of drying your clothes. If you choose the best dryer that suits your needs and lifestyle, you’ll be able to enjoy dry clothes in no time, and also avoid accidents that can ruin your favorite items.