Can Moving to London Accelerate your Interim Career?

If you’re looking for a career in interim management, then location matters.

You’ll be expected to swoop in at a moment’s notice to solve the problems of businesses who find themselves with a short-term vacancy. The more businesses you have within reach, the more easily you’ll be able to respond to those urgent requests. When you haven’t yet accumulated much experience, the availability of these opportunities can make the difference between waiting for the phone to ring and being able to choose from a list of businesses.

Whether you’re looking for permanent banking positions or temporary HR jobs in London, you’ll stand a great chance of success.

So what exactly makes London so attractive to would-be interim staff?

London is International

London’s position as an international gateway makes it an attractive destination for countless multinational firms. Some of the biggest names in business have made their headquarters here, including the ‘magic circle law’ firms, and some of world banking’s foremost institutions.

Of course, the presence of these big names is self-reinforcing: London attracts big business because big business attracts big business. Thus, it’s difficult to envision this situation changing soon, in spite of the turmoil of global events.

London does have a major advantage over other international cities, and that’s the English language. While you might experience a little bit of culture shock if you’re arriving from elsewhere in the country, you’ll still be able to speak to just about everyone you meet.

London is Diverse

A side effect of London’s international presence is the diversity of cultures and nationalities who’ve made their home here.

The city is among the most cosmopolitan in the entire world, with just about every kind of human life being present on the average ten-minute tube journey. As such, a spell working in London will help you to broaden your horizons, and expose you to new kinds of people and new kinds of practices – both inside work hours and outside of them.

Earnings potential

If you’re a skilled professional in London, then you’ll be able to choose from some of the most lucrative jobs in the entire country.

Of course, this will be offset in part by the higher cost of living. But even then, you’ll be able to rack up some experience, put a sizeable sum aside each month, and eventually leave the city with a decent nest-egg. And if you want to occasionally indulge in a night out in the city, you’ll be able to do so.


Interim management can be a demanding and stressful occupation.

As such, its important to find the time to unwind. In London, there are recreational facilities of every kind, including more restaurants and bars than you’ll reasonably be able to visit, as well as cinemas, theatres, parks and museums. Whenever you get a spare moment, you’ll find something unique and interesting to do – in fact, finding the time to do it all may prove tricky!