A Traffic Source That Is Truly Yours: 15 Reasons to Start Email Marketing Today

Deciding where to spend marketing money is an important part of running a business.

There is only so much money to invest, so it is wise to do some research and decide what is best for the company. Email marketing is a great way to grow a business and market a brand. Below, we will discuss 15 reasons this should be a part of every company’s marketing plan.

Gives Credibility to Brand

Making use of tools like benchmarkemail.com for email marketing is a great way to give credibility to a brand. It works because it is an easy way to share helpful and informative content with consumers to start building a relationship with them founded on trust. According to an article from Medium, people enjoy doing business with those they can trust. Because emails are direct, it makes it more personal and builds credibility.

Build Relationship With Consumers

Email marketing is an easy and simple way to build stronger relationships with consumers of your brand. Whether it is a product, a website, or a business you are promoting, by sending out engaging emails regularly, it is easy to communicate with them effectively and clearly. The great thing is that the people who are receiving the email signed up to get the emails to begin with, so they are already interested in whatever message you are sending them. This is why it is so important to make every email count and be sure the email includes content that is engaging and valuable for readers.

Gain Internet Traffic

Email marketing is a fantastic way to gain more internet traffic. Whether it is an e-commerce shop, a retail store, or simply a blog you desire to draw traffic to, making use of this type of marketing is a key way to improve traffic. Perhaps there are a few blog posts that need promoting. Maybe a new product was just launched that people should know about. Be sure each email includes something valuable the consumer will care about to increase traffic.

Better Reach

Marketing with emails is a great way to reach more people across different devices. Most people these days are on-the-go, and if they are checking their emails, it is just a glance at their tablet or cell phone. By sending out emails, you have the opportunity to target those people on their mobile devices while also being able to reach those who are sitting at their desktop or laptop computers.

It Is Easy For Anyone

Creating emails is so easy, anyone can do it. While it is pretty straightforward and simple to use email marketing tools, most of them will have a support team that can help with any questions as you get started.

Customize Away

A lot of marketing tools and channels are very limited in how much customization is allowed. The great thing with email marketing is that customization is not only allowed but encouraged. According to Forbes, the biggest reason people unsubscribe from newsletters and emails is because they feel the products or information offered do not apply to them. It is easy to customize and organize groups based on their interests and purchase behaviors in the past.

A Little Goes a Long Way

Email marketing is popular because it is easy to do. There are plenty of email templates designed for those who do not have the time to create their own, so all you have to do is pick a template, write out an engaging message, and hit send. It’s simple to look professional and get a message across with this type of marketing, and it takes little to no time.

email marketing

Results Are Immediate

Especially when running a small business, every single sale or potential customer counts. It is simple to track the performance of how each email campaign is doing so you know what is working and what isn’t.

Watch Sales Soar

As mentioned before, because you can track the performance of each email and also see past purchase history of readers, it should be no surprise that sales will improve quickly if you pay attention to the metrics.

Communication Is Easier

It can be difficult to communicate with consumers, especially if you have a growing business. Email marketing is an easy way to get a quick message across to a big audience by reaching them in their inbox, which is somewhere they likely visit every single day.

Grow a Bigger Audience

Email marketing is a sure way to grow a bigger audience. While it is possible to grow your audience in other marketing ways that cost money, email marketing is better because it is affordable and you know the people getting your messages want to hear from you.

Easy to Share Everywhere

It is easy to share newsletters across social media platforms and on the company website to attract new readers and potential customers with email marketing. You can save money with this type of marketing and reach more people in the long run, making it a win-win.

Get a Conversation Going

This type of marketing makes it so simple to get a conversation going with consumers. Instead of just sending out a message in every email, ask them to engage. Ask for their feedback and thoughts on both the emails they are receiving and also on your business and brand.

Automate Sales Cycle

Using email marketing allows the ability to automate your sales cycle. There are email automation tools that let the user create campaign emails that get sent out on a customized schedule. Have a new product launching in two weeks? Create the campaign now and set it to go out to all readers who may be interested as soon as it launches. Forbes says 75 percent of marketers are currently already taking advantage of some type of marketing automation tool.

It Is Shareable

It is very simple to make emails shareable. By taking advantage of little tools like including social media buttons and email sharing buttons at the bottom of each email, readers can quickly send that email to their social following or email it to a friend, giving you more reach.

There are so many benefits to using email marketing. Not only is it a cost-effective marketing tool, but it is so easy to use to grow a bigger audience and build credibility to a brand.