6 Things About Entrepreneurship No One Told You About

It’s a slow Monday morning.

You are seated in your corner office, struggling to finish a report that is due in thirty minutes. You struggled to get up in the morning, and you wonder how you will get through the rest of the day. Your mind drifts off. A dream you always had about being your own boss now seems more viable. Suddenly, you now want to quit to venture into your own business. But wait, do you have it all figured out? Are your potential freelancer contracts in check?

Here’s a list of things about entrepreneurship nobody told you about:

You Will Work Extra Hard

Contrary to popular belief, you will not work “when you want”. In your 8-5 job, that’s mostly just it. Occasionally, extra hours get you overtime. That’s a far cry in entrepreneurship. You will work almost 24/7, to get things done. You will be the CEO. The cleaner. The messenger. The marketer.

Every single activity will revolve around you to get done. You will sweat it out.
The business as a brand will be an embodiment of yourself. What you believe in is what your business grows to become. It will take years of working hard, and smart to build your brand.

You Will Miss Getting a Stable Salary

In your employment, whether business hit a high or low season, you still got paid. Every month. You think it will be rosier in having your own business? Wrong. That huge chunk of money will start streaming in once you go out to charter your own business path. Absolutely not. Money will be scarce before getting it right. Your savings will go into marketing, service delivery, buying products and services in order to build your brand. You will spend money to build on money. Sometimes, no sales. However, you must keep on pushing.

You Will Be Frustrated

Everything will get you worked up. Business deals will take longer. Customers might take even longer to buy your product or service. Every little detail will seem like it is stalling. Thus, you might feel irritated and feel as if nobody gets your vision. However, that’s just a step towards building up your brand. When things start looking up, everything will flow in sync. You will thank yourself that you did not give up in your pursuit of success.

Isolation and Self-Doubt Will Be Present

You will invest many hours into your business. Time that you could have spent with family or friends will be in getting your business brand to grow. Sometimes, not everybody will understand this. Unlike in employment where you could rely on your colleagues and networks, in entrepreneurship, you rely solely on yourself. Well, that’s until you can be able to hire outside help. You will have moments of self-doubt, wondering if you are truly capable. Self-doubt will have you questioning every move you make. Sometimes, you will wish you hadn’t left your job. However, hold on. Good things take time to build.

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You May Not Become Rich

A common belief is that once you begin your business, money will always flow in, and constantly. That’s a far cry from the truth. Yes, some people make good money. However, not everybody becomes rich, and nearly nobody becomes rich within the first few years. We are bombarded with stories about successful entrepreneurs who made it and share their story from rags to riches, but they are a very small percentage. Let it be your pursuit of growing yourself and your business. Accept the possibility that you may not become a millionaire from your business. Sometimes, you might also earn less money than what you got during employment, and that’s okay.

Passion Alone Is Not Enough

One misconception about business is that by following your passion, everything else will fall into place. Wrong. Your passion can get you started, but it’s not the only aspect that will hold your business in place. You will need more traits and hard work to make things run smoothly. Additionally, you will learn to exercise patience constantly even when things don’t run smoothly like you expect them to. You also have to be a risk-taker. Calculating your moves, weighing your options before grabbing an opportunity, and running with it.

Having the above in mind, it is essential for you to plan properly before you embark on your business journey. However, it will not always be picture perfect as you plan it on paper. Brave yourself for surprises. Be confident, never give up in yourself, and work hard towards what you believe in. However, remember not everybody is cut out for business, and that is okay.