What do we miss most while working from home?

With so many businesses having made the transition to working from home, it’s safe to say the office environment has changed!

But, with this new way of working digitally and remotely, are there many things we miss about the office environment?

Is it the everyday banter you’d have in the kitchen making a round of drinks? Or perhaps it’s just the general interaction with other people?

The landscape may have changed, but thanks to technology, employees are getting creative with the ways in which they stay in touch, regularly having virtual social events and gatherings.

But regardless of how hard we try, surely nothing can beat face to face human connection?

We’ve found some new working phrases to dislike

We love to hate it, but the office and email terminology has certainly changed! Gone are the old sayings, as we say hello to emails containing “WFH” and “In these unprecedented times”.

Among the most hated working from home phrases are “Hope you’re keeping safe” and “The new normal” according to a recent survey from printing company instantprint.

However, with the bad must also come some good! Out of the 1000 UK adults surveyed who had started to work from home in the past month, 10.8% said they didn’t hate “Let’s have a conference / Teams / Zoom call”, and 10.4% don’t mind “Hope you have a nice day off in the living room.

I hear it’s lovely this time of year” either. It seems as though the more jovial we are, the better.

Do we miss anything about the office?

While we’re all settling into our new home offices spaces, many of us find ourselves reminiscing about times gone by.

If you’re missing certain things about the office then worry not, you’re not the only one! According to their research, 35.5% of those surveyed miss the people and a surprising 31.5% miss the office small talk!

An interesting find is that apparently 1 in 10 Brits claim not to miss anything about the office. Could this be the sign of things to come? Will office workers ever head back to their headquarters? Or will working from home become the new normal?

Does working from home make us more or less productive?

Some of us might be thriving at home, finally getting the opportunity to build a work life balance that we want, while others are struggling more than they thought.

Shockingly, 36.7% of us are watching films, Netflix or the TV when we should be knuckling down with our work. Do you find that you’re working while catching up on your favourite box sets?

More than a third of Brits are working a lot less in terms of hours now they’re working from home (37%), and 3% of those surveyed admitted “I am not working at all and getting away with it”, for now!

Are you one of those taking some time away from your computer? How much longer do we think it will be before employers put measures in place to ensure people are still working?

With what instantprint found, we think it might need to be sooner rather than later!