4 Reasons to Build a Case Against a Speeding Driver

Speeding causes countless vehicle accidents each year in the U.S.

When you have been in an accident because of speeding, you have rights as a victim.

You need to hire a car accident lawyer to represent you so that you can fully assert those rights of the state’s personal injury laws.

Why Hire an Attorney

A personal injury attorney can be a valuable asset to have on your side when you want to bring a speeding driver to justice.

In fact, there is a good chance that this driver, as well as his or her insurance company, will deny that he or she was driving over the posted speed limit.

You then are left to prove that the driver did in fact speed and cause an accident that left you with costly personal injuries as well as damages to your vehicle.

Your car accident attorney has the experience to build a solid case that you can take to court and win.

Your legal team will be able to secure a host of physical and documented evidence to prove that the driver caused the accident directly because of speeding.

You avoid having to represent yourself in any litigation or securing the evidence yourself.

With that, these four reasons are some to put one of the experienced and assertive Las Vegas car accident attorneys on retainer today.

Your car accident lawyer in Las Vegas can promptly obtain documentation need for your case like:

  • Physical evidence
  • Witness statements
  • Police reports
  • Accident reconstruction

The attorney that you hire will know how to obtain this evidence from city or county law enforcement.

Physical Evidence

The physical evidence from a car accident can tell your attorney much about what happened and why exactly that you were hurt and left with extensive car damages.

The evidence itself can extend to:

  • Skid marks
  • Road debris
  • Car damages
  • Electronic records

The skid marks alone from an accident can indicate how fast a car was moving and how fast the driver braked to avoid a collision.

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They can also reveal how far the vehicle in question traveled before coming to a stop.

The force of the skid marks can uncover whether the driver was speeding or traveling at the posted speed limit.

Likewise, road debris and car damage also reveal details like how fast a car was traveling and from what direction impact was made with other vehicles involved in the wreck.

As a general rule, the more damage and debris from a wreck, the faster the driver at fault was traveling.

Your attorney can subpoena and obtain documented reports and photos of the damages and debris to substantiate your claim.

Finally, electronic records also can support your claim of the responsible driver speeding past the posted limit.

These records can be entered as evidence into court and be available for reference when determining if and how much of a judgment or settlement to which you are entitled under the state’s personal injury laws.

Witness Statements

Your lawyer can also work quickly to secure witness statements for your case.

It is important to act swiftly to obtain these statements.

The recollections of people who saw the accident are more accurate and fresher in the first few hours and days afterward.

However, they can begin forgetting important details after several days or weeks have lapsed.

It is critical for your legal team to get witnesses’ statements documented so that details are accurate and vivid for your court case.

If a witness is hesitant to give information or refuses to cooperate, your attorney can use his or her subpoena power to compel that individual to comply with giving a statement.

You avoid losing out on important testimony that you need to prove that the driver was speeding and win your case.

Police Reports

Along with witness statements, your lawyer can also obtain official reports from the local law enforcement agencies.

The police department or sheriff that responded to the wreck are obligated by law to take reports from both you and the other driver.

The information that you give to the police will be documented fully in the police report.

This report then is processed and can be obtained by making a formal request to the police agency.

Your lawyer can make that request for you and get a full written record of what happened.

The details in the report can demonstrate that the driver in question was in fact speeding and thus legally liable not only for your car damages but also for your physical pain and suffering.

Accident Reconstruction

The police or sheriff department that responds to the wreck can also reconstruct what happened during and after the wreck.

The reconstruction team can give clear details about in what direction you were traveling, how fast both you and the other driver were traveling, and how much damage was inflicted as a result.

The accident reconstruction team can also be subpoenaed to testify during your case in court.

They can provide factual information about what happened and who was really to blame for the accident occurring.

The information that they provide can be critical to proving not only to the judge and juror but also the other driver’s insurance company that he or she was speeding and thus owes you compensation for your damages.

These four reasons are among the numerous available to you for why you need to hire a good car accident lawyer to represent you.

Acting in a timely and decisive manner can be critical for preserving evidence and building a case that you can take to court confidently.

To get the competent legal representation and advocacy that you need as an accident victim, contact a qualified and ready accident lawyer.

To set up a consultation or get more information about your case, reach out to Adam S. Kutner, Injury Attorneys today.