Why you should outsource call center services to the Philippines

Large businesses and agencies need to stay focused on the core activities of their company, outsourcing non-core activities like call services to specialized service providers is a sensible option.

The alternative is to manage a myriad of customer communication channels like calls, emails, webchats, text messages, etc in house.

Establishing a multichannel communications center is expensive and not to mention that it requires a major investment in various facilities, equipment, and technology besides spending money, time and energy on training staff personnel and running operations.

A quick analysis will tell you that organizations can usually be managed better and customer approval ratings rise when communication channels are outsourced.

The next question to come up is where the services should be outsourced.

There are quite a number of service providers available in the market, so many that it becomes difficult to choose one over others.

Primary among these options are Philippine call centers, which also are one of the top countries to be preferred for outsourced work.

Philippine call center outsourcing is an excellent option for low-cost sales and customer support.

The call centers in the Philippines offer sales and customer support services to the US and other western countries.

Outsourcing the companies’ call center activities to service providers in the Philippines, who have a reputation maintaining a high success rate can yield many favorable outcomes, including –

  • Cost Reduction –

Outsourced call center service providers share technological facilities and training costs across a number of clients who have the added benefit of paying for services on a transactional basis.

Executives attend to multiple clients reducing idle time and offer lower costs per call.

  • Specialized Personnel –

Outsourced service providers employ and train staff to understand and have specialized knowledge of call center services of many industries.

The executives and managers have years of experience and can come up with a multitude of insights and strategies.

  • Access to the latest technology –

Outsourcers research and invest in the latest technologies in the market.

They have the latest software tools that offer features such as cloud-based platforms, VoIP, email, webchat, social media and text message monitoring.

Access to contact center technology might be too expensive for some in-house call centers.

  •  Quality Control –

Outsourcing service level agreements (SLAs) state that all customer’s calls and messages should be handled following professional etiquette.

Outsourcing companies have tools to monitor and have plans to assess and improve performances for SLAs to be met.

In-house call centers may not have the access or resources to establish such elaborate mechanisms.

BPO companies in the Philippines keep working on improving their business processes and services.

To outsource customer service Philippines continues to be one of the best outsourcing destinations in the world.

ExpertCallers remains to be one of the best call center services providers in the Philippines.

The company has over 12 years of expertise in the domain and uses its experience to maintain and promote customer satisfaction.

ExpertCallers has a presence in the Philippines that provides every call center service required.

Here is a list of some of ExpertCallers’ core services –

  1. Inbound call center – ExpertCallers offers its clients to connect with their customers on a personal level through our premium inbound contact center services.
  2. Outbound call center- Lead generation and cold calling are among our primary outbound contact center services available.
  3. Customer Support – ExpertCallers team offers voice and non-voice based multi-channel customer support services.
  4. Lead generation services – ExpertCallers team designs lead generation services that supply our clients with leads that have the most chance of a conversion.

ExpertCallers team always makes sure to deliver the highest quality of services to its clients.

We provide consistent and exceptional back-office support customized to your business requirements.