Skills and Competencies to Look For in a Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer is a decision that can have a major impact on your life.

You seek a lawyer when you are in trouble and in need of professional help to get you justice and provide you with the best advice and representation.

Knowing what skills and competencies to look for in a lawyer will help you choose correctly.

Here we will take a look at some of the key qualities that make a good lawyer:

Good Communication Skills

skills of a good lawyer

To communicate is a lawyer’s top skill.

Written and oral communication are the key skills used in every step of your legal battle.

Writing well-thought memos, requests, briefs, expressing opinions, and producing clear and convincing legal documents are in no way less important than being articulate and excelling in public speaking.

Both skills are complementary to each other and are both instrumental in making a good lawyer.

Another advantage of hiring a legal professional who can communicate well is that they keep you informed with updates, possible action plans, options, different scenarios, and advice.

Honor and Integrity

You will give your lawyer control over the most critical of matters.

They would be responsible for your freedom, your money, your property, your reputation, and your future.

Giving this much power over your life to the wrong person is a recipe for disaster.

That is why a lawyer’s character is the most important trait of all.

If the lawyer you’re considering has a website, check it for reviews and opinions of their previous clients.

A lawyer with honor and integrity would defend you and your best interest with all their might and would stay in your corner all the way through.

Research and Analytical Skills

It is not an exaggeration to say that more than 50% of a lawyer’s work is their research.

To conduct thorough research with speed and efficiency helps a lawyer get a complete grasp of the case, the applicable law, and possible strategies.

However, information without analysis is useless.

That is why analyzing information goes hand in hand with research skills which translates to a skilled lawyer.

Absorbing information from multiple sources, analyzing them, rating their importance and putting them together to form a strategy, an argument, or defense is what distinguishes a good lawyer from a mediocre one.

Persistence and Perseverance

One that finishes what they start and never gives up in the middle of the road.

It is no secret that legal proceedings are difficult and complicated.

A single case could shift shape multiple times and a good lawyer knows how to follow through and adapt to changes fast.

Being persistent and persevering means that your lawyer will keep on trying different strategies and arguments until reaching the one that actually works.

Emotional Intelligence

Reading people is a talent mastered only by a few.

Some may argue that taking the emotions out of the equation makes a lawyer more focused.

However, a driven lawyer who believes in your case and is emotionally invested in it can do a far better job of representing you and advising you on your case.

An emotionally intelligent lawyer would also have empathy towards you and treat you with the respect you deserve.

Well Organized

Research, negotiations, litigation, settlements, agreements, appointments, and more.

A lawyer’s job has a million details and double that in the paperwork.

An unorganized lawyer could ruin your chances of winning.

A single misplaced document or a missing signature can ruin your case and weaken your position beyond repair.

Choosing a well-organized lawyer saves you from all that and takes you one step closer to getting what you want.


Bad time management or tardiness for a lawyer has much more serious consequences than losing dinner reservations.

If being late could be tolerated anywhere else, in a courthouse, it is not.

Missing one deadline or being late to one hearing or deposition could ruin your whole defense.

Punctuality is not trivial when looking for a good lawyer, it is essential.


Thinking outside the box and daring to go beyond the obvious and standard routes is what separates the good from the excellent.

In legal practice, the obvious is not always the best.

When choosing a lawyer, find one who can maneuver around challenges and find smart and creative ways to win for you.

Stress Management

When your freedom or your well-being is at stake, nobody would judge you if you freak out a little every now and then.

After all, it is a difficult position.

But your lawyer is a different matter.

A good lawyer keeps their cool and knows how to manage the immense stress of preparing for trial or sitting through negotiations from hell.

In the end, the thing that matters the most when choosing a lawyer is to choose one that you trust and feel comfortable with.

Having confidence in your lawyer gives them that extra push and adds a sense of responsibility that would often make them move mountains for you.