Golf Clubs Types And When To Use Them

Golf is one of the most prestigious sports in the world.

It’s considered a sport fit for kings and rightfully so because of how enjoyable and interesting it can be.

While you can learn the rules and the etiquette behind golf, you will still need the right gear to help you play properly.

Part of the gear is your golf club collection.

So, if you’re new to the game, it’s time to learn about the different golf club types and when you should use each one.

 Why Do You Need Multiple Clubs?

Every player, whether they’re senior veterans or beginners, needs the perfect combination of clubs each game.

It purely depends on their skill level, the type of golf course they’re playing in, where the ball landed after a shot, weather conditions, and even your preference of play style that you choose.

But overall, you never know what could happen in the game or where your next shot will lead you to, making it crucial to have a club for any situation that might arise.

The Types of Golf Clubs

Here are some of the notable clubs that every golfer should know about and possibly use in their set:

  • Iron: These clubs would come as a set and most players go for 7 of them.

    They are usually used in the second shots for most of the game’s holes.

    They are designed to hit the ball for specific distances; it could be a long, medium, or short shot depending on the situation.

    Some golfers might argue that you should use them when you are less than 200 yards away from the green, but that depends on most games.

  • Hybrid: They are known as utility clubs and they have a unique design for consistent shots.

    Some people call them “rescue clubs” and you have a chance to get a bit more out of your golf clubs if they’re hybrids, helping you hit easier and better in most lies compared to a long iron club.

    Also, they are extremely handy for sidehill, uphill, or downhill lies of the golf ball.

  • Putter: This club is fairly simple and has a flat face that’s designed for one special purpose; it’s used to get the golf ball directly into the hole and it’s used on the green.

    Putters come in different styles depending on each game; it could be a mallet, long, heel-toe, or belly putter.

    They got about 4 degrees of loft to prevent the ball from bouncing up after you take a shot.

  • Driver: They are known to be perfect for being lightweight and very long.

    This club could have 7 or 11 degrees left, but having it under 10 degrees always gives you the best results.

    You use them for tee shots because they’re designed for great knocking distances, producing maximum height with minimal side spins for each shot you take.

    You can rest assured that your shots will always be straight.

  • Fairway Wood: They usually come as metal and called fairway metal, but they’re still used for the same purpose.

    They’re designed to be shorter than driver clubs and they can be 15- or 18-degrees loft.

    You can use them for long shots off the roof and it could be a safe choice off the tee shot if you’re not interested in using a driver.

    They could cover about 195 yards, giving you a middle ground choice between an iron (170 yards) or a driver (220 yards).

  • Wedge: These clubs are very complex and come in different kinds.

    Golfers can use a pitching wedge that has about 46 or 48 degrees of loft and they can cover around 80 or 130 yards.

    Also, you have a sand wedge that can cover a shorter yard range; they’re used to get the ball out of long rough and bunkers too, giving you a higher launch but quicker landing on the green.

    You can have about 3 or 4 of these wedge clubs because they can help you a lot in different bunker shots or any other kind of shot around the green.

golf practice

Believe it or not, the rules of the sport allow you to carry up to 14 clubs with you during a match.

You could have spares and identical ones if you think it could help you win.

Along with the traditional ones, you need a set that can be perfect for you to compete properly; a set that suits your play style and your needs.

Your set of clubs can make a difference in your shots, scores, and wins every game, making it a lot of fun and exciting.