Classic Advertising Techniques That Are Still Relevant Today

In today’s technologically advanced business environment, many companies now have a tendency to focus the vast majority of their advertising campaigns on the internet-based platforms and have forgotten some of the classic forms of marketing.

These advertising techniques are still highly useful and in many ways can be much more effective than internet-based marketing campaigns.

One of the classic means of advertising are billboards, these types of ads have been around for hundreds of years and are still effective.

Another great way to advertise your product is to provide free samples; this method is great because it lets your organization interact face to face with your potential consumers.

An often forgotten form of advertising is radio, this medium is still a great way to reach a multitude of consumers.

This article will go over these 3 classic advertising techniques that are still relevant today.


Since ancient times before literacy was common, many shopkeepers would make an illustrated sign of their wares outside their shop so passersby would know what they were selling.

The first recorded modern billboard signs were first produced as large advertisements for travelling circuses, from there they took off to cover ads for all sorts of different industries.

According to Signature Video Group in Toronto, billboards — particularly video billboards — can be a great way of getting your message through to your consumers because they will be in a fixed place for an extended period of time so people will start to subconsciously recognize the brand.

In fact, this local production company believes that creative and high quality videos, placed in high class spots like Dundas square, mean that consumers will also associate the brand with quality and affluence; this isn’t something easily accomplished through online marketing.

In addition, people often don’t like making eye contact with strangers on public transit so having posters placed on subways or buses can be a great way to get the public to actively consume your ads so they don’t have to look at people.

Free Sampling

It seems these days it’s rare to find companies taking to the streets and handing out their product for the masses to sample.

This is too bad because it’s an extremely effective means of marketing because you can directly engage the people you want to sell your product too.

If you’re trying to sell a new sort of sports drink you can have your marketing representatives reach out to people on the street to give them free samples of your product.

You can then have your people directly engage the potential customers and give them some persuasive reasons on why your product is superior.

This is also a great way to get feedback about your product directly from the public so you can make informed decisions about making any changes to your product to make it better suited for your consumers.

Great places to give out free samples are public festivals, major intersections and at universities.

Make sure your team is well educated in your product so they can confidently answer any questions passersby may ask and personally persuade the public to see the merits of your product.

Radio Promotions

Although nowadays many people get their music through internet based services, a surprising amount of people still tune in daily to their favourite radio station.

Many people listen to the radio when they’re in the car, especially when they’re stuck in traffic so when you put an ad on the radio you essentially have a captive audience.

In addition, not everyone prefers to consume their information visually so radio advertisements can be a great way to better reach the significant proportion of the population that are auditory learners.

Back in the day when radio was the main source of mass media, premiums for commercials were quite high, but nowadays they are very affordable as can companies are shying away from this sort of marketing in favour of digital advertisements.

Finally, if you have a product that is aimed towards the older segment of society, radio can be the best way to reach them as people over 40 tend to consume radio the most.

Using the latest form of media can be a great way to market your product to the masses, but people often forget the traditional tried and true marketing techniques are also extremely effective.

Billboards are a classic form of advertising and can be extremely effective at giving your product the image you desire.

Public free sampling campaigns can be a persuasive way to get consumers to try your product but also gives you the advantage of getting direct feedback from the public about it.

Finally, radio can be a splendid form of marking as it can be highly affordable as well as can get your product’s message ingrained more deeply into certain sets of society.

Advertising comes in all forms so creativity is key, sometimes thinking outside of the box means looking back in the box and rethinking old ways of engaging potential customers.