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9 reasons why being an entrepreneur is better than employment

Do you ever just get tired of your daily nine to five routine in which you work to make someone’s business success with very limited social mobility? Well, you are not alone to think like that.

In fact, many people around you who may or may not be your colleagues share the same feelings.

The term ‘corporate slavery’ is usually tossed around as a joke, but it is not one.

It sucks the energy out of people who could have been much more financially productive if they were doing something for themselves.

This gave rise to another term called entrepreneurship that you must have heard about a thousand times from different people.

Entrepreneurship is another word for business though it involves a lot of innovation and new ideas.

Entrepreneurship is a business that is quite different from the quotidian business ideas that you see around.

The world is evolving ever so fast and with it come new challenges for the people.

Wherever there are challenges, there are opportunities to find a solution for them.

As the saying of Joker from the famous movie Batman goes, if you are good at something, never do it for free.

Every problem is a potential business opportunity for which people are ready to pay to solve it. Your job as an entrepreneur is to identify the problem and devise a clever and cheap solution that you can sell.

Among other things, entrepreneurship also comes with the challenge of financing.

However, you will not be the only entrepreneur around as other people have also found solutions to this problem of entrepreneurship.

Now, many solutions, like invoice financing for small business, are available for entrepreneurs to cope with such problems.

However, for the purpose of this article, we are not talking about that.

We will discuss some of the reasons why you should opt for entrepreneurship over employment.

You are the boss

I do not even have to say this here if you are an entrepreneur, there is no boss but yourself.

You do not have to take orders from anyone above you.

People are sometimes fed up with the constant reprimanding from their boss that can sometimes even border on denigration.

You do not have to worry about that anymore if you choose entrepreneurship as a career.

Instead, you can do that to someone else as a payback… scratch that, that’s a very bad idea.

The point is, you are the boss, and you have to listen to nobody but yourself, much like the rest of your life.

You make your schedule

How often does it happen that you get late for your work, skip the coffee and spend the rest of the day just hanging your head due to lack of sleep? Or maybe you want to watch a very crucial football match late at night, but you have to skip it due to early work hours.

This will not happen anymore if you are an entrepreneur.

You make the schedule for yourself.

Whatever time you have to set aside for something else can later be adjusted for your business even on weekends if that’s fine for you.

Rather the concept of waiting all the week for the weekend completely vanishes.

You can have weekends any time you are not feeling like doing something and have a flexible schedule of working.

You can work wherever you want

If you fantasize about going for a coffee to the Starbucks around the block and work on your laptop while sipping cappuccino or latte, that’s possible with entrepreneurship.

Alternatively, depending on the nature of your business, you might even set up a home office.

You are not space-constrained, unlike you would be if you are employed by someone else.

Unconstrained earning

When you are an employee, you earn a fixed amount apart from occasional bonuses or increments.

A time comes when you realize that the value of the work you are doing is several times more than what you are earning.

With entrepreneurship, that does not happen at all.

Though you might struggle a bit while setting up your business, at the end of the day, you are earning much more than what you would have made at a job.

Change and Exploration

Depending upon what you are doing, if you see another opportunity up for grabs, you can always switch your energy towards it.

However, in the case of employment, you might be doing at the end of the year, what you were doing at the start of the year.

This may become monotonous and make you less productive.

You enjoy your work

Since all the energy you spent on the work is directly benefiting you one way or the other, you start enjoying your work.

You will be ready to even put in long hours just to make your business a successful venture.

One the other hand, you might not like working the same amount for someone else since you are not getting back the value of your work.

You might not be able to switch jobs that easily and hence stop enjoying your work.

The excitement that you get with your work every day will be lost, and you will be just passing your time to get to the evening.

Every day is a new challenge

If you have a thing for taking risks and having new challenges every day, entrepreneurship is just the thing for you.

Some people might not want to be too risky with their earning, but one must keep in mind that nothing worthwhile in life comes without a risk.

The big conglomerate owners of the world were one day risking their entire savings by starting a new venture.

If they had backed off at that time out of fear of losing, they would never have made it to where they are right now.

study has explored the personality traits of the entrepreneurs and found out that risking-taking is one of them.

Building a legacy

People are mortal beings.

Entrepreneurs leave an everlasting impression on the world even after they are gone, which is not the case with employed people.

Colonel Sanders, who invented the KFC, is still seen all around the world although he died decades ago.

This is the legacy he left behind by taking up entrepreneurship and leaving a perennial mark on this world.

Like Colonel Sanders, who started at the age of 62, it’s never too late to be an entrepreneur.

A study claims that the average age of entrepreneurs is 45.

Extensive networking

When you are working for a company as an employee, you have very limited people you meet.

Most of these people are more or less from the same class and background.

On the other hand, when you are an entrepreneur, you can meet and make acquaintance with people from various walks of life.

From executives to daily wagers, you meet people from different backgrounds.

Life is a continued experience, and the more types of people you meet, the more you learn about the world around you.

Why would you want to give up such an opportunity by choosing something over entrepreneurship?


While entrepreneurship is not an easy thing to undertake, it is also a lot more exciting than your monotonous nine to five robotic life.

It gives you numerous opportunities and avenues to explore and evolve as a person in the process of upward social mobility.

If you are worried about the financial constraints, then do not worry as there is always a solution to a problem.

You just have to come up with an innovative idea that is easy to sell to your customers.

Welcome to the world that is free from corporate slavery.