Why SMS Texting Is the Best for Your Business

How many times have gotten an important email only to find out that it was sent to the junk folder?

How many times have you sent your employees emails and the same thing as happened?

Email programs can result in precious time lost, as most people do not think to check their spam folders everyday, and therefore do not realize the messages they have been sent. What is the solution to all of this?

SMS texting is becoming more than just a standard conversation feature in the business realm.

First of all, SMS texting gets noticed far faster than any email ever would. It also feels much less invasive than an email would be.

Texting is much more convenient for the customer and can be done anywhere.

SMS is also becoming a safe way to send sensitive information as emails can often be hacked and information on them can be stolen.

Finally, texting is used by most demographics, so why not adapt to the times and switch over to something that the majority of the population uses.

Here are reasons why SMS texting is the best for your business:

SMS Gets Noticed

sms for business

Are you more likely to see an SMS or an email first? The answer to that is probably an SMS.

Whenever you get a text, your phone makes a very clear and obvious buzz sound or ring in your pocket to let you know that someone is trying to respond to you.

From there, you pull out your phone, read what is being written, and then respond accordingly.

Even if your phone has an email application on it, they are generally not providing notifications in real-time.

Therefore, an important sent email might not be read or noticed for several hours.

If there is something that you need to have read and responded to instantly, SMS texting is the way to go.

Don’t let business deals fall apart due to slow and outdated communication.

Switch over to SMS and watch as your business becomes more and more efficient with communication and responses.

SMS is Safer

Have you ever been on the end of an email hack and have had to worry about what information has been leaked? Emails are frequent targets of hackers looking to gather information.

They are not too difficult to hack, and even important figures have had their emails compromised over the years.

SMS texting does away with this, making it so the only way a person can hijack your messages is by having your phone.

There are also communication apps, according to an article by Messente, that can help control and verify payments via SMS keeping your transactions safe.

If you are responsible for a large-scale transaction containing sensitive information, wouldn’t you want to keep it safe? By making the switch from email to SMS, you can ensure that everything you do is safe and protected.

Don’t end up being part of the next email scandal or leak. Keep it on SMS and keep your business efficient.

SMS Feels More Personal

In a day and age where people get bombarded daily by emails, they can begin to lose their personal flair.

Receiving an email from someone does not feel like a special thing or a conversation, however receiving a text opens the door for further conversations.

As a result, people feel more inclined to respond to text messages because they feel the person has made an effort to reach out to them.

How many times have you read an email from someone that needs a response and decided that you’d leave it for later? Now how many times have you done that to someone via an SMS message.

Texting helps to eliminate that period of waiting to send a message.

Studies have shown that people are more likely to respond to texts, therefore follow what the research says and make the switch.

Putting your company onto an SMS application will make it feel much closer and personal and will also increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your company.

The business world can be extremely modern and always pushing for innovation, while at the same time refusing to change old archaic methods of communication.

It is amazing to see how email has barely changed in the last few decades; the only thing that it has done has added more and more email services to use and check.

With the rise of mobile phones, they present a clear advantage over email in regards to communication.

You can ensure you get noticed, keep your information safe, and create a more personal conversation with your employees.

The results are there, what’s stopping you from switching?