Why London Bridge is the Ideal Work Location

With 9 million people living and working in the capital, there are plenty of locations in and around London to choose to work in.

However, one area in particular stands out: London Bridge.

Here, businesses bustle together in the shadow of The Shard, which at 309 meters is Britain’s tallest skyscraper – and The Shard itself is home to a series of offices, eateries and a hotel, meaning that there are plenty of businesses all in the one, awe-inspiring building.

But what else makes this a hub for workers travelling across the city each day? Here’s a look at just what makes London Bridge a great place to work in.

Enjoy some fashion

London is filled with fascinating museums and attractions, and the Fashion and Textile Museum is no exception.

If you adore the history of the fashions we wear today or you love nothing more than getting a sneak peek into what’s coming up when it comes to style and trends, this is the museum for you.

Better still, you can head out for a look around the latest exhibition on your lunch break and indulge in a treat from the museum shop when payday arrives.

Eat fresh

The sights and sounds of the vibrant Borough Market are just a short walk from The Shard, making it ideally located for office workers seeking something fresh and delicious from one of the stalls for lunch.

From fruit and veg to cheese and meats, there’s something to sate every appetite here.


One of the best things about London Bridge is how easy it is to get to.

London Bridge station is one of the major National Rail stations in the city, and it connects to trains coming from across Sussex and Kent as well as the Northern and Jubilee Underground lines.

So, whether you’re travelling from Slough or want to take the train from Norwood Junction into the heart of London Bridge, you can get there with ease.

Take in some art

White Cube is a stunning art space that hosts art exhibitions covering everything from wonky modern pieces to exquisite oil paintings.

Whatever your tastes, there’s something magical about heading to a gallery and taking in the creations of others.

Whether you want to take a stroll along the river, enjoy some spectacular creations or simply want to shop for fresh ingredients so you can cook up something amazing after a day in the office, you’ll be able to do all of this and more when you head out and explore London Bridge.