Weird Sleeping Conditions You Didn’t Know Existed

There are several keys to stay healthy which are, getting good nutrition, having enough sleep, and the necessity to exercise.

When you invest in your health, you will see the results coming out in the form of perfectness in work.

However, neglecting your body is another thing.

In order to stay active in daytime activities, you need proper sleep depending on your age.  Proper sleep not only makes you active, but it also helps in the reduction of anxiety and depression.

The risks of not getting a proper sleep, it will affect your metabolism badly and will cause obesity and decrease of the immune system.

Indeed, that a good night’s sleep is a must, but, there are some instances where you find it difficult to sleep properly due to temperature or having the wrong choice of pillow is one major reason.

According to the professionals at pillow reviews you should use the pillow that keeps your posture, accurate and satisfies your unique sleep needs.

Pillows are designed for people having pain in the vertebral column, neck and head like those having neck issues use traveling pillows along with them.

In this article, we’ve collected some great information about weird sleeping conditions that most of us didn’t know existed.


The most common sleep condition, the majority experiencing is Insomnia.

It is a condition when you try to sleep but cannot. You have something stressful floating in your mind that doesn’t let you sleep.

There can be so many reasons for insomnia.

It can be due to stress, depression, pregnancy, uncomfortable pillow, overthinking, overeating at night or sometimes you take coffee and tea before going to bed.

Exploding head syndrome

It is a kind of disorder in which people experience hard and loud noises either they are sleeping or waking up.

It is neither any kind of illness as it looks like, and nor much dangerous.

It feels like the loud noises are coming from any other place.

There could be some flashbacks in front of your face.

It looks like some kind of alien interference in your brain.

It could be due to seizure, problem with ear, medication and anxiety as well.

Sleep paralysis

It is a condition when a person’s body is sleeping, but the mind is awake or the brain is active, but you are unable to move your body.

You can even do eye movements or blink your eyes, but you cannot move.

It can last anywhere from 10 seconds to a few minutes and it affects 8% of the general population.

When you are sleep paralyzed, you feel physical weight and pressure on the chest, difficulty in breathing or choking, feelings or a sensed presence and an overwhelming sense of fear.

It is different from nightmares. There are 2 types of sleep disorder:

1. Hypnagogic

2. Hypnopompic

Hypnagogic is when sleep paralysis occurs at sleep onset or just before falling asleep and Hypnopompic occurs just after waking up (the transition from sleep to awakening).


One of the sleep conditions that has a severe effect in a person’s life is Narcolepsy.

It is a condition when people lose the ability to regulate sleep-wake cycles.

In the brain, there exist special neurons that help enhance the state of wakefulness and they extend from the lateral hypothalamus to various parts of the brain like the reticular activating system.

The main reason can be lack of orexin which is a brain chemical and the lackness is due to the immune system which attacks the part of the brain which produces orexin.

Sleep Apnea

It is a disorder that causes irregular breathing and snoring patterns where an individual stops breathing altogether.

The inability to get restful sleep can also lead to severe exhaustion.

Individuals can face obstructive and central sleep apnea or both.

Obstructive causes due to blockage of the airways and central relate to central nervous system where the brain intermittently stops making an effort to breathe for 10 to 20 seconds.

There can be so many reasons for sleepless nights.

Some may stay awake intentionally because of work or study.

Some due to syndromes, but in a nutshell, it is very important to overcome the disorders by getting professional help to assess what kind of conditions do you exactly have.

Taking proper treatment is a must because getting a full night’s sleep not only improves your health, but it will also help you in the reduction of stress, depression, inflammation, weight loss and hormonal inactivity.

It sharpens your mind, immune system as well as extending your lifespan.