The Importance of Knowing Your Rights After an Auto Accident

Have you ever been involved in a car accident, what was the feeling like? I can hear you say hell no, God forbid!

I can imagine, it is one event many if not everybody dreads. I have been involved in it once and I must say it is an unforgettable experience.

It is a moment I would not want to ever relive again.

It is easy to wish it away but it is better to live ready and be prepared for such an unforeseen circumstance. Accidents happen and sometimes we have no control over them. Like the accident reported by the recovery law centre website, four people lost their lives in the Honolulu area of Hawaii last January 2020 because of a drunk driver.

So in the event of it, what would you do? How would you address the situation, where would you go to, who would you talk to? I can imagine your head swarming with thoughts as you ponder on those questions. You can as well add this to it, do you know you have rights that should be accrued to you in the event of an accident? Again, I see massive shock and disbelief written all over your face.

That is why I am right here, to set you on the right track with the requisite information but before we delve into the nitty gritty of your rights in the event of a crash, let us first talk about the first things you should do immediately after a crash?

Safety first

The first thing you should do is get to safety. An accident site might not really be a safe place to be after a crash.

Just imagine an accident in the middle of a busy road? That could be dangerous for someone that just escaped a crash especially the risk of catching fire.

The ideal thing is to steer the vehicle, if possible, or get off the road and get help or assistance.

After pulling the car to safety, the next thing to do is check the state of all the occupants, looking for injuries, mild or severe. If anyone seems in serious pain or discomfort, kindly ring the emergency line, 911.

The health of the passenger(s) or driver is not one to be trifled with.

Take inventory of everything

After ensuring the life and safety of passengers involved in the crash, the next thing is to ensure you take inventory of the event.

According to accident claim lawyers, you should capture the details as the information gathered would go a long way in helping you press for claims from the insurance company.

Technology has eased up a lot of things as you can document the event with your phone by taking pictures, recording a video and even taking note of the details from major to minor on the Notepad available on the phone.

Having made a detour to take care of what to do after a crash, we zoom into your rights after a crash.

Choose your words carefully

Do you know you have the right not to admit blame or fault at the scene of a crash?

Even if there is another party involved in the crash, you can be empathetic and sympathetic but be careful to avoid words like “Oh! I am sorry” because it could be seen as an admittance of guilt and that could be used against you.

While giving your statements, you need not lie to the police but ensure you stick to the details of the story that favours you, not one that portrays you as reckless. As portraying yourself as recess will only make you lose your case even if you enlist the service of a good lawyer.

You have the right to be treated in the event of injuries sustained in the during crash and if you are in Florida for instance, that right is even further enshrined. Florida is a no-fault State and the Personal Injury Protection law entitles you to be treated as it pays for your medical treatment whether or not you are at fault.

For your rights to be upheld, you need to play your part. But it must also be noted that these rights vary from State to State.

The general consensus is that as a victim of an accident, you have rights protected by law, you have steps to take and role to play to activate them.

Above all, you must know that engaging the right lawyer when filing for claims with your insurance company, will go a long way in determining if you get the claim or not.

There are no cutting corners when it comes to accident lawyers.

The good ones are really expensive, but they will get the job done for you and you will eventually be happy.