Instagram Influencer’s Guide To Boost Revenues and Increase Followers

If you’re an influencer, or attempting to be one, something that’s probably always on your mind is how to establish a larger audience base and how to make more money.

You might be watching other influencers on Instagram, and you’re wondering how they’re able to produce the growth that they do.

Luckily for you, we’ve included a guide for you to boost your revenues and grow your following.

Use hashtags religiously

Hashtags are an amazing way to create an outreach that may have otherwise been unattainable.

Keeping this in mind, you always want to use niche hashtags.

Using a hashtag that’s excessively popular has a cost benefit ratio.

If it’s popular you’ll probably engage a larger audience, but there’s a reduced chance that people will see it if it’s too popular.

A niche hashtag that is still related to your content, but less popular, might attract a more loyal audience who found that you suited their niche.

Be sure to do some homework on the popularity of a hashtag before using it.

You will constantly want to balance between being too niche and too popular.

Get assistance from other influencers

Reach out to other influencers and engage with them on their profiles.

Influencers are generally open to have social media communications with other influencers because it helps develop a larger audience base.

You could look into finding shoutout pages where you shoutout your main instagram page to attract more followers.

The more that you get your name thrown out into the ether of Instagram, the greater chance that followers will come visit you.

If you reach out to other influencers the worst case scenario is that they don’t engage you on that level, and that’s perfectly fine, move on to your next opportunity.

Use discounts and giveaways

Reaching out to companies and getting a discount code is important.

Having a discount code on your Instagram page is a great way to make followers feel rewarded.

However, using a giveaway is an even better way to get people to stay engaged.

People love the chance of winning something, and it gets them excited and interested in the item that they could win.

Even if they don’t end up winning anything, they may become so hyped about the product they decide to use your discount and purchase it anyway.

It also makes you seem like a more personable approachable person, and Instagram influencing is all about authenticity.

Establish an engaged audience

Posting content that isn’t relevant to the theme that you are trying to project can work counterintuitively to producing and establishing an engaged audience.

You may reach a larger demographic of people, but your followers might not be interested in your content in the way that you want them to be.

Find a theme and presentation that you want to put out into the world and adhere to it.

You’re far more likely to keep and maintain an engaged audience and not alienate individuals who may help you generate more revenue in the future.

Instagram stories are your friend

laptop with Instagram

If you’re generating revenue through a code or products advertised on your page, introduce them through your Instagram story.

People who are actively seeing a product being utilized are more likely to view themselves in that position.

Chances are if they’re viewing your story they are already interested in the content you’re publishing and are more likely to purchase it.

Having a consistently updated story is also a great way to produce live content if you’re worried about posting too frequently.

Don’t be too pushy

If you’re an influencer, people aren’t following you because you are trying to sell goods, so keep it that way.

When you post content related to a product, attempt to be creative and don’t introduce it as a sales pitch.

Your audience may begin to feel that you are disingenuous and become less engaged.

The best way to develop a good tactic is by watching how other influencers are doing this, and putting your own spin on things.

Your audience may like consistency, so don’t rapidly change any tactics all at once.

The following you currently have is just as important as the following you’re attempting to gain.

Read comments and messages that your audience leaves for you, and use that as a tool for what direction your content should go.

If your audience feels like you are listening to them, they will feel like you’re someone that they can trust.

By following this guide you’re sure to increase your following, and actively boost your revenue.