14 most effective ways to make money with social media

Social media is a relatively newer industry.

However, despite it all, there is a multitude of ways that you can use social media to make money.

Of the several prominent social media platforms, all of them have contributed in a way to help the users convert their hobby into a business and then steadily grow it in an even bigger business.

So, if you, too, wish to use social media to make money, we have come up with 14 quick and easy ways to help you use social media to make money.

First – Tantalize your customers on Pinterest using your product

Kiara, who offers online do my java homework services, says that small businesses can massively benefit if they can have the users pin the photos of the items that they are selling on their Pinterest board.

So, all you have to do is make an account on Pinterest, engage with your online community by pinning the photos of other people, and then upload the photos of your product to lure people who wish to buy what you are selling.

Second – Start an online Shop on Instagram

As a business owner, if you have some products that can attract your Instagram users, you can use the platform to make money online.

It is a painless method to start your online shop.

You can connect your account to inSelly.

It will give you a better guide on how to sell on Instagram.

Third – Copywriting

Sonia, who offers online do my homework services, says that if you have phenomenal grammar and language skills, you can use Facebook and Twitter to boast about it.

With these platforms, you can prove yourself that you are adept in the language, and it will accentuate your chances of getting hired.

If you wish to make copywriting a full-time career, this could give you a good start.

Fourth – Editing

In the past few years, editors have massively used platforms like Facebook and Twitter to depict their editing skills.

You can use the platform to market yourself on social media.

It is an excellent platform and a great proof of your skills with your words online.

Fifth – Manage Social media handles for others

Jiah, who offers online essay writing service, works as a part-time social media marketing manager.

She says that there are a lot of companies who are in the need of a professional who is adept to handle their social media platforms.

Of course, a lot of these positions are internships, but you can find paid gigs too.

You can enter social media on the job board to locate jobs in this field.

Sixth – Get into comedy writing

Several new comedians kick-start their careers on Twitter.

Twitter is nothing but a 140-character platform where you can share your funny insights or jokes.

If you are good, you can get a lot of attention for your jokes or memes.

For people with a natural knack of comedy in their words, this can be an excellent source of making money on social media.

Seventh – Try creative writing

Have you heard of Neil Gaiman? He is a renowned fantasy author who wrote the incredibly popular book, A Cloud of Tales.

For this book, he communicated with these Twitter followers and asked them to submit their questions.

He went ahead and answered these questions and then used the answers to make short stories.

Gargi, who did an excellent Spyfu review online says that people who are into creative writing can use social media to interact with their audience, and then serialize a short story or a novel with a few posts to make money online.

Eighth – Become a renter with Airbnb

Now, this is a bit different from the others mentioned in the list, but it is surely a great way to make more money online.

For this, you can become a renter with Airbnb that is a platform that lists out places on rent in 190 different countries across the globe.

You can put fancy pictures of your property on your social media platform to assure that more people know about your property.

Ninth – Monetize your YouTube Channel

Dia, who works with EduWorldUSA, says that you can not only use social media to make money but also become a phenomenon with a platform like YouTube.

There are several famous YouTubers today, who have made an entire career out of this platform.

For instance, there are people like Grace Helbig.

She has a massive following on YouTube, where she entertains her audience by posting funny videos weekly.

Further, as a YouTuber, you can also make a good chunk of revenue from the ads that are played before your video.

Tenth – Become an affiliate marketer with Amazon

For this, you can join the Affiliate Program of Amazon.

In doing so, every sale that you make with your link will bag you a small percentage of the sale amount.

To make more and more money as an affiliate, you will have to have cultivated a following for yourself.

Further, you can also promote a couple of items on your blog.

So, for every item you wish to promote, you can put an affiliate link of it on Amazon, and every time somebody uses this link to purchase something, you’ll be paid from Amazon.

Eleventh – Promote your posts

You can now promote your posts and grab more attention your way with promoted posts.

Mia, who offers the best Node Js Course online, says that though promoting posts online will cost you a little money, but it will eventually be worth it.

Twelfth- Put your art on sale

Instagram and Tumblr are excellent platforms to post your original artworks.

You can make good use of these two social media platforms to garner good shares and response.

If any of your art pieces go viral, you can easily turn the interest of the people into income.

For this, you can sell merchandise or prints on online stores, such as Big Cartel or Etsy, and utilize the interest of your audience.

Thirteenth – Give away the rights to your photos

If you are an excellent photographer and click great pictures, you can have people pay for these photos.

For this, you can use a platform like Flickr.

It is a place where you can let people see your photos.

Sofia, who works with a platform that offers online research paper for sale, says that under creative commons, you can even get a license for your pictures.

This will have you a certain surety about your work at all times.

Fourteenth – Put forth your musical ability on a platform like SoundCloud

If you are a singer or a musician, SoundCloud is the platform for you.

You can use this platform to get your music noticed.

So, if you ever come up with a catchy jungle, just post it on SoundCloud.

If it is good, you will have clients flocking you to create music for their ads, radio advertisements, commercials, etc.

So, these are the 14 most easy and incredibly effective ways to help you make money with your social media account.