How to Increase Conversions on Your Website

Not most of us know this, but buying products and services does not only depend on our wants or needs anymore.

It’s more about the personal satisfaction that comes along with the possession of these products and services. In fact, in today’s world, we buy things because they make us happy.

With the advancement of technology, selling and buying are now made available on the internet. This is possible because of neuroscience because there are tactics involved in buying and selling. Visit Toronto Web Design Agency if you seek professional help for designing your website. Below are given a few ways that incorporate psychology and common selling tactics. You can use them to increase conversions on your website.

Color psychology

Did you know our brains are affected by specific colors depending on our gender? In fact, there are different parts of our brain that are stimulated by these colors, MRIs say. This might come across as irrelevant, but the colors are the real deal-breaker.

You can color the “call to action” button according to the gender of the audience you are targeting. Women like pink, blue, purple, and green. Whereas, men are more inclined towards blue, black, and green.

Placement psychology

The place where you decide to show your “call to action” buttons makes a huge difference. It should be positioned very carefully. Be it the top or the bottom; it is really up to you. What matters is, if it is appealing enough, if it will fetch you more conversions.

You can’t know that already, but what you can do is, do everything to ensure that you are being benefited. You can also mention the buttons as to what will happen when you push them.

Visual psychology

There are two aspects to visual psychology:

  • Customers are drawn to the biggest buttons. So, you can expect more conversions if your “call to action” buttons are the largest.
  • Keep the corners of your buttons curved instead of square. Square or sharp corners take the attention of the customers, outward. Whereas, curved corners bring them inwards.

Using these tricks are always going to work because they are neuroscientist approved. So, if you are not too sure if your website will steal your customer’s heart, you can use these tricks and hack their neurology.

Verbal psychology

Everyone likes a sweet and short speech. You can use this fact to your advantage on your website. All you have to do is edit the text your “call to action” button and make it crisper. Long and boring texts on big buttons ward customers off.

Emotional psychology

There are different feelings you can play around with in order to get more and more submissions. You can remind people of the pain you are going to relieve them of as they click the button.

You can tell them how happy they are going to be if they click that button. You can use all emotions to your advantage, whichever you deem fit.